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Kensington PowerBolt 3.1 Dual Car Charger for iPhone 5 & iPad

December 9th, 2013 No comments

4 stars

Kensington PowerBolt 3.1

Having a single iPhone or smartphone used to be a big deal, then came tablets like the iPad. Now having multiple devices is the norm, which brings us to a charging dilemma. Charging your devices at home is probably a non-issue, but how about when you’re in your car? Can you and your spouse or partner charge your phones at the same time? What about an iPad? Got kids in the back with their own devices? What then? Kensington tries to address all of these questions with the PowerBolt 3.1 car charger.

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Kensington AbsolutePower Dual USB Wall Charger

December 19th, 2012 No comments

4 Stars

Kensington AbsolutePower Dual USB Wall Charger

Smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, and many more portable devices can now be charged via USB. And chances are, you own at least two or more of those types of devices. The Kensington AbsolutePower Dual USB Wall Charger puts two USB charging ports on a single adapter so you can charge two devices simultaneously.

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Kensington Soft Case for Samsung Galaxy S III (Black)

November 17th, 2012 1 comment

4 stars

Kensington Soft Case for Samsung Galaxy S III

The enormous popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S III has created a big market for accessories designed to work with Samsung’s latest flagship Android smartphone. Kensington offers a few different styles of cases for the Galaxy S III, including the soft case.

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Kensington Virtuoso Signature Stylus and Pen

May 9th, 2012 No comments

4 stars
Kensington Virtuoso Signature stylus

I haven’t used a stylus since I finally gave up using Palm OS devices, almost a decade ago. The advanced touch screens and interfaces of today, are made to be be used with fingers, rather than with a stylus. But when I began to play Draw Something, it occurred to me that it’d be much easier to play on a 10-inch tablet with a stylus, than on a 4-inch screen with my fingers.

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Kensington Pocket Battery for Smartphones

April 24th, 2012 No comments

4 stars

The Kensington Pocket Battery for Smartphones is a little battery pack that you can use to charge up your smartphone while on the go. Modern smartphones, with their larger screens and 4G connections, suck up battery life like there’s no tomorrow. Until battery technology catches up with the power demands of portable devices, I see battery packs like the Kensington Pocket Battery being very popular.

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Kensington SecureBack Security Case for iPad 2

February 5th, 2012 No comments

5 Stars
Kensington SecureBack for iPad2
Would you leave $500 in cash, your social security card, driver’s license and your credit cards on the table at a cafe while you go use the bathroom, or on your seat at the airport gate to speak with a ticket agent? Of course not, and you wouldn’t leave your expensive iPad with all your personal data on it either. Would you? To address the lack of security solutions for iPads, Kensington created the SecureBack Security Case, that allows you to secure your iPad 2 quickly and easily.
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Kensington Mini Car Charger for Mobile Devices w/USB Port

December 6th, 2010 No comments

4 Stars- techdad

Kensington Mini Car Charger
I have a Motorola Droid smartphone that eats battery power for lunch, especially when using the GPS feature, so I needed a car charger for longer car trips. Instead of buying an OEM charger that is only designed to work with my phone, I decided getting a universal USB charging port was the way to go. After looking at a few options, I decided on the Kensington mainly because of brand recognition and low cost.

The charger itself is just a simple plug that you insert into your car’s power port. Then you plug in your USB cable to it and voila, you’ve got continuous power to your device while charging. The “mini” car charger really is small and nearly sits flush inside the power port. I barely notice it’s there.

The only thing that didn’t really work to expectation was the power LED light. It is SO dim that you can barely see it at night and can’t see it at all in daylight. I tried two of them to be sure. Also, it doesn’t look the same as in the photos. It’s slightly different. One, the piece of plastic inside the USB port is black, not white as in the picture. Additionally, the LED is not open but rather sits behind plastic, which is flush to the face. Maybe that’s why it is so dim since it is trying to glow through black plastic. The Kensington Mini Charger is really pretty cool given what it is. I like the size, price, and utility. I know that you can get 2-port USB chargers for just a few dollars more, but I didn’t need multiple ports and preferred the “mini” size. I recommend it.

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