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Eureka 71B Hand-Held Vacuum

December 7th, 2010 No comments

4 Stars- techdad

For several years, I kept replacing cordless hand vacuum after hand vacuum. If there is one certainty with those cordless hand vacuums, it is that the batteries inside them will cease to hold a charge after about a year. I finally tired of the cycle and wasted money and decided to try out a corded hand vacuum. The Eureka stood out because of all the positive reviews on Amazon.

The first thing you’ll notice is that it is quite heavy for a hand vacuum. I actually liked the heft because it made it feel more solid and better built. A throwback to the saying that “they don’t make ’em like they used to.” When running, it is actually quite loud. Louder than the cordless models I’d used in the past. The trade-off is much better performance. The Eureka 71B picks up debris that my full-size Hoover misses. The crevice tool and hose are perfect for corners and wall edges and good for cars & trucks. To my surprise, the hose attachment swiveled for easier maneuverability. Also, I keep sand toys in the back of my 4Runner for my kids so the trunk area has tons of sand. The Eureka 71B had no problem with that job.

My neighbor was so impressed that she asked to borrow it for her SUV. I only wish that it had come with an attachment that worked better in hard to reach places under car seats. The dirt cup is easy to see and fills up fast. Like most bagless vacuum’s, it is easy to clean, but can be messy. I try to empty the dirt cup after each use to keep it from getting too nasty and also to keep it working at it’s best. The 20 foot cord is of convenient length and the cord wrap keeps it nice and tidy when not in use. I do not miss cordless hand vac’s AT ALL. I fully expect the Eureka 71B to outlive all of my previous hand vacuum’s combined, and then some. For the few dollars that Amazon is charging, this purchase is a no-brainer.

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CH Hanson STUD4SURE Magnetic Stud Finder

December 6th, 2010 No comments

4 Stars- techdad

One of my least favorite household duties as a husband is hanging picture frames and mirrors on walls. I owned a rather large Ryobi electronic stud finder previously and had set an appointment with my father to assist me in hanging a large mirror in our living room. I got the leveler, hammer, nails and extra muscle all ready to go on install day, only to be let down by the Ryobi stud finder. Grrr!! When I started hammering the nails in, it just went straight through the drywall. No stud. After putting about 4 nails in without successfully finding a stud, we gave up due to lack of proper equipment. I set off to find a more reliable stud finder with an increased budget, only to find this little doodad for less than the cost of a super-sized fast food meal.

The first thing I noticed when I received the Hanson stud finder was how teeny tiny it was. I thought it would be much bigger. It’s probably no more than 2-3 inches in height and perhaps an inch wide. It contains a very strong magnet at the top and bottom, with a bubble level in between. You just slide the Stud4Sure in an “S” pattern across your wall and eventually it will find a nail/screw and stick to the wall. I am astounded at just how simple and accurate this low-tech stud finder is.

For kicks, I pulled out the Ryobi stud finder and tested it in locations where the Stud4Sure found studs. To my surprise, the Ryobi found them too and one that the Stud4Sure did not! This probably means that the stud found by the Ryobi did not contain any nails, which is likely very rare. I plan to use them both concurrently to achieve the best results. When the Hanson Stud4Sure finds a stud, it truly is there. That way, I can use the Ryobi to make sure it is also reading them accurately and search for other studs that the Hanson cannot physically find. I recommend the Hanson Stud4Sure, but it might work best when used along with an electronic stud finder.

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