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Seagate Slim 500GB USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive

October 13th, 2013 2 comments

5 Stars

Seagate Slim

Portable hard drives are great for carrying around data and for backups, but some “portable” hard drives aren’t always that portable. The Seagate Slim USB 3.0 portable hard drive, on the other hand, is amazingly thin and lightweight. But does it sacrifice performance for that svelte form factor?

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Seagate Wireless Plus Portable Hard Drive

August 29th, 2013 No comments

4 stars

Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB

There are a variety of wireless mobile storage solutions available to consumers these days. Wireless portable hard drives, wireless flash drives, wireless docks, and wireless memory card readers can all supplement the limited amount of storage that are typical of most mobile devices. Seagate introduced the first wireless mobile storage drive back in 2011 (GoFlex Satellite) and is back with an all new drive called the Seagate Wireless Plus.

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Patriot Gauntlet 320 Wireless Portable Hard Drive

November 13th, 2012 No comments

4 stars
Patriot Gauntlet 320

Tablets and smartphones are great entertainment devices, but are often limited by their lack of storage. Yes, there are a lot of cloud-based services that allow you to stream your music, videos and photos, but there are enough situations where you might be without a network connection, that local storage is necessary. This is where the Patriot Gauntlet 320 steps in. It’s a wireless portable hard drive with 320GB of storage, accessible by iOS and Android devices, as well as PCs, Macs and the Kindle Fire.

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BUFFALO Technology MiniStation 500 GB Thunderbolt/USB 3.0 Portable Hard Drive (HD-PA500TU3)

July 26th, 2012 No comments

4 stars
Buffalo HD-PA500TU3

The Buffalo MiniStation 500 GB Thunderbolt/USB 3.0 drive is one of only a few Thunderbolt drives out on the market right now. Thunderbolt drives can theoretically reach twice the speeds of USB 3.0, but you’ll have to pay a premium for those theoretical speeds. I took a look at the Buffalo Thunderbolt drive to see if the portable hard drive was worth the premium.

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