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Timbuk2 Informant Camera Sling (Small)

June 21st, 2013 No comments

5 Stars
Timbuk2 Informant

Depending on how much you use your DSLR, you probably have more than one bag or case for it. If you want to carry several lenses, a tripod, multiple bodies, large flashes, and more, you probably have a large backpack, or perhaps the Timbuk2 Snoop messenger. But what about when you want to carry just a couple of lenses and a single body? Do you bring the large backpack with you? Probably not, right? The Timbuk2 Informant camera sling is a miniature camera messenger bag, complete with padded, customizable walls and a waterproof rain cover. Foregoing the typical camera bag appearance, it protects your gear in style without sacrificing function. It’s currently my preferred camera bag for everyday use.

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OGIO Rivet Messenger Shoulder Bag

June 2nd, 2012 5 comments

5 Stars
OGIO Rivet black

I have an affinity for bags of all shapes, sizes, and functions. For daily commute bags, I prefer a messenger-style bag that I can throw over my shoulder. My favorite bag at the moment happens to be an older OGIO bag called the Hip Hop. Looking through the 2012 lineup of OGIO bags, one of the bags that really stood out to me was the Rivet messenger bag.

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Travelpro Crew 8 20-inch Rollaboard

May 21st, 2012 No comments

4 stars

When my wife began traveling a lot for work, I originally bought her a carry-on bag from Eddie Bauer. During her flights, she noticed that the crew were mostly carrying bags made by Travelpro. When it was time to replace her Eddie Bauer bag, I got her a Travelpro Crew 22″ Rollaboard. She’s taken that bag on numerous domestic and international flights now for nearly 10 years and she swears by it. The Crew 8 is Travelpro’s current line of luggage made for business and frequent travelers and they’re still great bags.

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OGIO Squadron RSS Backpack

May 8th, 2012 No comments

5 Stars
OGIO Squadron RSS celebrity

Back in January, I took a week-long trip to Las Vegas for CES. I knew there was a lot of gear I wanted to bring, but wasn’t sure what bag I should use. I needed to be able to fit all my gadgets in a carry-on bag of some sort, but also needed something I could wear while walking the floor of the convention center. I decided to give the OGIO Squadron RSS backpack a go and it worked out well.

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Incase DSLR Sling Pack

April 24th, 2012 6 comments

4 stars

Incase DSLR Sling Pack

With the recent acquisition of a DSLR camera, the new iPad and the ever-decreasing need to have a laptop with me at all times, I was on the hunt for a new bag. I needed something that would allow me to carry my iPad, my Canon T3i, some headphones and a few random cables and accessories; nothing more, and definitely nothing less.

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OGIO Invader 26-inch Upright Luggage (Stealth)

February 28th, 2012 No comments

5 Stars

OGIO Invader 26-inch

OGIO makes some of the best bags in the world. Their golf bags are well-respected among PGA pros and amateurs alike. In my opinion, they also make some of the best luggage bags. I recently had the opportunity to use the OGIO Invader 26-inch upright luggage bag during a week-long trip and came away very impressed.
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Case Logic 14-inch Laptop Backpack (DLBP-114)

March 3rd, 2011 No comments

4 Stars- techdad
14-inch Laptop Backpack-DLBP-114 - front

That’s right, Case Logic now makes laptop backpacks. They make the CD cases you’re using in your car, your portable hard drive case and your thumb drive case. And now, you can throw all of those items, including your laptop (not made by Case Logic) into a new Case Logic 14-inch laptop backpack.


  • Slim design
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • Well padded laptop compartment
  • Velcro strap wrap
  • Soft, felt-like pocket for smartphones or other valuables
  • Spacious and well-padded front pocket organizer
  • Useful side pockets
  • Attractive appearance
  • Good build quality


  • Side pockets too small for water bottles

The Case Logic 14-inch Laptop Backpack (DLBP-114) is very attractive and is slim in design. Parts of the polyester material are matte, glossy, and quilted with accent colors on the straps and zipper. The appearance is what drew me to this backpack in the first place. All the zippers glide very smoothly and the main compartment zipper has an over-sized zipper and pull for easy opening and closing. The shoulder straps have an air mesh padding for increased comfort. Case Logic also added a neat “strap management system” in the form of a Velcro tie that keeps the excess strap tied up for a neat appearance. At the top of the backpack is a grab handle for easy handling. Aside from black, you also get red and deep grey color choices.

14-inch Laptop Backpack-DLBP-114 - deep grey 14-inch Laptop Backpack-DLBP-114 - red

The main pocket includes the integrated laptop compartment. It’s padded well and has about the same amount of padding on the bottom and the back for uniform protection. It fit both my 12.1-inch Google Chrome Cr-48 and 14.1-inch Dell Inspiron laptops without a hitch. The remaining space inside the main pocket is actually rather sparse, which is part of the design. Thinking back to my college days, there would have been no way I could have fit my Biology textbook and my Calculus textbook at the same time. If you’re looking for a heavy-duty, carry-all backpack, the DLBP-114 isn’t it.

14-inch Laptop Backpack-DLBP-114 - main pocket

The large front pocket has 2 medium-sized internal pockets for a phone or mobile mouse as well as 2 pen pockets. There is also a thin, but large zippered pocket for memory cards, cables, batteries, etc. The great thing about the front pocket is that it is padded as well so you can feel safe putting your MP3 player, compact camera or phone inside this pocket.

14-inch Laptop Backpack-DLBP-114 - front pocket

There is also a pocket on each side of the DLBP-114. It’s very useful for putting any number of items inside, but unlike the description, I found now way of putting a water bottle there. First, it doesn’t unzip all the way up so a water bottle will partially hang out of the pocket. Second, the pocket is just too small. I wasn’t even able to jam a standard 1/2 liter Costco bottled water inside, let alone any of my larger stainless steel water bottles.

14-inch Laptop Backpack-DLBP-114 - side pocket

The last pocket is on the top of the bag, located in between the large front pocket and the main pocket. It’s a unique pocket not only because the zipper teeth are accented, but because it is lined with a felt-like material for protecting valuables like a watch, phone, jewelry, or glasses. It reminds me a little bit of my golf bag that has a valuables pocket so you can take off your jewelry and keep it from getting hacked up. I’d probably refrain from putting my glasses in there though since it’s not padded in any way. Though the pocket entry is on the outside, the actual pocket resides inside the main compartment and I could see my glasses getting smashed inside unless I wasn’t carrying anything too bulky inside the main compartment.

14-inch Laptop Backpack-DLBP-114 - felt pocket

The Case Logic 14-inch Laptop Backpack (DLBP-114) is a very well-made laptop backpack. It won’t be suitable for everyone because of the slim design and doesn’t have a cavernous main compartment. Make no mistake, it is not a daypack. I see this being a good fit for the urban commuter who carries a laptop and perhaps a Kindle or iPad with accessories, some snacks and not much else. For that demographic, I think that the DLBP-114 is a great value. My hope is that Case Logic will also release a daypack version with similar design cues as the DLBP-114 as I tend to fit in the category of people who like to be able to carry as much stuff as possible.

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* Review sample courtesy of Case Logic, Inc.

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