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4 Stars- techdad

We already had a plastic step stool from Target and a heavy 2-step wooden one but were not satisfied with either of them. I remembered seeing the Babybjorn step stool at a friend’s house and decided to take it for a spin. I’m glad I did.

  • Very sturdy
  • Entire step surface is covered in non-slip rubber
  • The base also has non-slip rubber
  • The underside does not have any sharp or jagged plastic
  • Premium price

Our plastic step stool we got from Target worked, but was not ideal. The stepping surface was only partially covered in non-slip materials and the underside had lots of jagged plastic. Whenever I put my fingers around the bottom to move it, I’d poke myself with it and silently (sometimes not so silently) curse the thing. The Target one and the Babybjorn are the same height (6 inches) so if your child needs something bigger, obviously this won’t work for you. My oldest child needs to get on their tippy toes to reach the sink and it works well for our younger child while going potty. The larger wooden 2-step stool worked great for reaching the sink, but it was just bulky and moving it so adults could use the sink was inconvenient.

Both my kids have used the BABYBJÖRN Safe Step for about 3 weeks and have never come close to tipping it over or falling. The base is very wide compared to the other plastic step stool we have. In my opinion, accidents happen. Sometimes, it has nothing to do with anything. I’m very confident in the stability of the step stool and if my kids fall off of it because they were careless or put all their weight on the very edge of a corner, well, then they’ll learn to balance better next time. Even with the premium price, I highly recommend it and I would purchase it again.

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