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iRig MIC Cast

July 20th, 2012 1 comment

iRig MIC Cast3 Stars

While attending CES 2011 this past January, I noticed a new trend — one that was covered in any press release or big fancy announcement. As I was walking the show floor, I noticed more and more reporters and journalists were using their iPhone as an audio recording device during interviews.

Now, the mic as it is on the iPhone does a decent job at capturing audio, but there’s room for improvement. Enter the iRig MIC Cast.

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Color Splash Studio

June 18th, 2012 No comments

Color Splash Studio Splash Screen4 stars

When looking through the App Store, one thing is abundantly clear, there is no shortage of photo apps for iOS devices. Some apps are a huge hit and do a great job, while others aren’t as fortunate — be it regarding the former and/or the latter. I recently was sent a review copy of Color Splash Studio to see how it stacked up. Read on to find out more.

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