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MyCharge Talk & Charge Rechargeable Batteries

5 Stars

myCharge Talk & Charge for iPhone

The Talk & Charge rechargeable batteries by myCharge are excellent companions for iPhone and Android users. The battery’s slim, flat design makes them easy to stack with your device. In what’s now a saturated market, MyCharge is banking that the unique design and high quality construction of the Talk & Charge batteries make them stand out from the crowd. From what I can tell, they do.


  • Slim design allows easy stacking
  • Built-in cables
  • Easy-to-ready battery status LEDs
  • Solid built quality


  • iPhone version has smaller capacity

MyCharge makes two different versions of the Talk & Charge battery: one for the iPhone and one universal micro-USB version that charges Android phones. Their designs differ slightly from each other, but both are designed to stack with your phone. They have grippy feet on the corners to help keep the battery and phone together. They also have a soft coat finish that’s pleasant to hold and easy to grip.

MyCharge Talk And Charge top

MyCharge Talk And Charge bottom

The micro-USB version includes a short, built-in micro-USB cable and the iPhone version includes a lightning cable. Each battery also has a battery status button and four white LEDs that indicate the charge level remaining. The micro-USB version also includes a USB port, which makes it a bit more versatile since it can charge any device that charges over USB (up to 1.0A output). The iPhone version will only charge devices with a lightning port, but is more compact in size. Its capacity is also smaller at 3,000 mAh versus the micro-USB version’s 4,000 mAh. Coincidentally, both batteries weigh just 0.26 pounds.

MyCharge Talk And Charge cables

In my tests, the batteries charged quickly and felt great to hold while stacked, regardless of whether I had a case on the phone or not. I tested the iPhone version with an iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. The micro-USB version was tested with a Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G3. Thanks to their slim size, they also traveled easily inside a pocket in my Timbuk2 messenger bag. They’re great everyday carry smartphone batteries and my personal favorites at the moment.

MyCharge Talk And Charge plugged in

MyCharge Talk And Charge plugged in - side

There are a lot of choices when it comes to rechargeable batteries for your smartphone. Some of the best ones I’ve used have come from myCharge. If you’re looking for the biggest capacity battery at the cheapest possible price, you’re probably not going to find it with myCharge. The Talk & Charge battery and others from MyCharge often have smart and unique designs at premium prices. They may not all be worth it to every user, but I really like the Talk & Charge and highly recommend it.

iPhone version available from Amazon.

Micro-USB version available from Amazon.

* Review samples provided by myCharge

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