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Incipio Dual USB Desktop Charging Station

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4 stars

Incipio Desktop Charging Station

The Incipio desktop charging station is a convenient two-port charger for Apple and Android devices. Device chargers can often turn an electrical outlet or surge protector into a giant mess. The Incipio charging station is a convenient desktop solution that keeps things neat and tidy while charging your mobile gear.


  • Works with Apple and Android devices
  • 2.4A output per port charges phones and tablets fast
  • Small footprint on desktop
  • Stays in place via a super-sticky, reusable adhesive


  • Large power adapter
  • Galaxy S5 requires adapter cable

Incipio Charger - box

The Incipio desktop charging station is very compact and has a small footprint on the desktop. Its size is one of its compelling features. It also comes in five different colors: gold, graphite, pink, red, and silver. It’s a cute little charger and would look good on most any desktop.

Incipio Charger - front & side

The charger doesn’t weigh very much, at about three ounces or so. The power adapter on the other end is very large, however. To keep the charging ports from moving around, Incipio uses a very sticky, reusable adhesive. It’s similar–if not exactly the same–as the adhesive used in a lot of car phone mounts. It holds strong and can be used over and over again.

Incipio Charger - back & side

Each of the ports on the charging station outputs 2.4A, which should be more than enough to charge any smartphone or tablet. I was able to charge an iPad (4th gen), iPhone 5s, LG G3, Galaxy S III, and a Note II without any problems. The Galaxy S5, however, needed the included adapter cable to charge.

Incipio Charger - cable plugged in

CONCLUSION: The Incipio desktop charging station works well and looks good doing it. You can get a variety of 5-port desktop chargers for about the same price, but if you want to keep the clutter down to a minimum, the Incipio is a good choice.

Available from Amazon.com.

* Review unit provided by Incipio

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