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MicroSIM-Shop SIM Adapters

5 Stars

Micro-SIM Shop adapters

SIM adapters are great when you need to switch between devices that don’t use the same-sized SIMs. Poorly made adapters can damage your device, so finding a good one is key. I decided to check out MicroSIM-Shop’s SIM adapters after reading about them on some mobile forums.


  • Good quality plastic and precision cut
  • Works well, even with spring-loaded SIM slots
  • Reasonably priced


  • Not easy to install without touching the gold SIM contacts

iPhone 5s SIM adapters

The MicroSIM-Shop SIM adapters are made in Germany and feel pretty solid, even though they’re very small pieces of plastic. The cutouts for the SIM are easy to identify so you can line up the SIMs correctly. The only downside to the design is that you have to press the SIM down with the gold contacts facing up. This makes it hard to avoid touching the gold contacts. My SIM has fingerprint on them now.

Galaxy S5 SIM slot

The nanoSIM-to-microSIM adapter worked perfectly in the Samsung Galaxy S5. The Galaxy S5 doesn’t use a spring-loaded SIM slot, which makes it harder to eject the SIM, but is less likely to get damaged when using a SIM adapter. Poorly made adapters have been known to damage SIM slots, particularly the spring-loaded types. I tried the SIM adapter in a Samsung Galaxy Note II too, which has a spring-loaded slot, and it worked without any problems.

The MicroSIM-Shop adapters are good quality adapters, easy to use, and at about $8 shipped, are absolutely worth it.

Available at Micro-SIM Shop for about $8 shipped.

* Review samples provided by Micro-SIM Shop

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