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iDevices iGrillmini4 stars

When it comes to grilling up the perfect steak, or ensuring chicken doesn’t dry out, there’s no better way to do that then to use a meat thermometer. That’s common knowledge and easy enough, right? Well, for those of us who want to incorporate technology into nearly every aspect of our lives, what better way to do so than with a Bluetooth thermometer? And thus, I take a look at the iGrilmini by iDevices.


  • Small, lightweight
  • Super easy setup
  • App includes FDA recommended cooking temps
  • Timer built into app
  • Accurate


  • Had battery issues with the first unit
  • No way to connect multiple devices to the same monitor
  • No Android app

iDevices iGrillmini

The iGrillmini is a small, Bluetooth enabled unit, that when a compatible probe is attached, acts as a thermometer to ensure you never overcook a steak again. The unit itself is small and light, taking up little space and attaching to any metal surface with the built-in magnet.

Inside the box you’ll find the iGrillmini’s brains, a color-coded probe, and a magnetic disk for non-magnetic surfaces.

iDevices iGrillmini

Setting up the iGrillmini takes little effort. After installing the iDevices app, you power on the unit and launch the app. Once launched, you’ll be prompted to pair your iOS device with the newly found devices, and walked through the process. It literally took just a few taps, with the entire processing costing me about a minute of my time. I had zero issues with the setup process for the first unit, as well as the second unit I received.

Speaking of multiple units. I did have an issue with the first review unit I received. The unit worked just fine for my initial test, but subsequent tests proved to be more difficult. I had issues with the unit turning on, or not turning on at all. I replaced the battery (a standard CR2032 battery), to no avail. Eventually a good smack forced the unit to power on, only to have the same issue the next time I wanted to use it.

Later I contacted the iDevices team to discuss my issue, and the unit was promptly replaced. The second unit I received has worked flawlessly since.

iDevices iGrillmini

Once the unit is paired with your iOS device, either an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, you can set up alerts. Alerts are based on a peak or range temperature. Peak is ideal for when inserting the probe into a steak and wanting to remove it when your desired temperature is reached. Where as the range alert is better suited for monitoring the cooking environment. You can select from a long list of predefined cooking temps, or set your own temperature alert. The color LED on the device itself also provides visual feedback about the current cooking temperature.

The one feature I wish the iGrillmini had was the ability for multiple devices to read current temperature at the same time. As it is right now, I have to go back to the device I originally started the cooking session on in order to check current temp.

The app also provides a graph correlating the cooking time, with the temperature so you can see how fast (or slow) your meal cooked and make adjustments the next time if need be.

iDevices iGrillmini

I have used the iGrillmini on six different occasions now. I have used it to grill hamburgers, smoke a turkey, some ribs, and fry some chicken wings. Each time I was impressed with how easy it was to use. And in the end, I had a delicious meal on my plate to prove it.

The best part, one might argue, of the iGrillmini is the price point. At $39 the iGrillmini is an expensive thermometer, no doubt. But add in the ability to send alerts to your smartphone when your food is ready, eliminating overcooked meat, and it pays for itself.

You can order the iGrillmini from iDevices for $39.

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