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Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case for iPad Air

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Shortly after Apple unveiled the latest specs and size changes of the iPad Air, case and accessory makers were sent scrambling to come out with updated products. The process didn’t take too long for Belkin, as it’s already had keyboards on the market for some time now. I’ve spent a few weeks with the Ultimate Keyboard Case for the iPad Air. Here are my thoughts on this productivity tool.

Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case Side


  • Lightweight
  • Key size
  • Battery life


  • Overall it’s small, but feels bulky when folded over to use just the iPad

Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case iPad Air

The iPad is a productivity tool in and of itself. It also can stand to use some help in some areas, such as the keyboard. The keyboard included in iOS is outstanding, but when writing longer pieces such as this review, having half of the screen taken up by a digital keyboard doesn’t work well for me. So when it comes to writing more than a quick email on an iPad, I turn to Bluetooth keyboards such as the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case.

The keyboard doubles as a case, with a hard shell that covers the back and side of the iPad, while the keyboard protects the front of the iPad when the case is closed.

Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case iPad Air

There is no power switch on the keyboard. Instead it’s powered on using magnets in the back shell, combined with three different spots to place the iPad on the keyboard. Once the magnets make contact with the keyboard, power is turned on and a few seconds later the iPad and keyboard are connected via Bluetooth. The three different locations to place the iPad in also double as different viewing angles. This aspect of the keyboard is well thought out and executed. Power switches are so 2012.

My favorite part of the keyboard has to be the size and spacing of the keys. It took little effort to retain my muscle memory when adjusting from Apple’s wireless keyboard to the Ultimate Keyboard Case. That being said, there’s still a bit of a learning curve, especially when it comes to select special characters.

Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case iPad Air

I happen to really enjoy using this keyboard; it’s allowed me to be more productive at times when I would have otherwise just browsed Twitter, internally using the lack of a physical keyboard as an excuse as to why I shouldn’t start on a story quite yet. But I do wish it was smaller. The hard shell base adds protection but I prefer something thinner and lighter. If I’m not typing away on the keyboard, I don’t want to have to carry it around. I have a Smart Cover for that.

For someone who’s looking for a Bluetooth keyboard, compatible with the iPad Air, Belkin’s Ultimate Keyboard Case not only makes it possible to type your thoughts away, but it also adds a level of protection to your device.

You can purchase the Belkin Ultimate Keyboard Case from Belkin for $130 in black, white, and silver.

* Review sample provided by Belkin

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