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Carson LensMag Macro Lens for iPhone

4 stars


A few months back, Carson sent me a set of macro lenses for my iPhone 5. The lenses used magnets to attach to my phone, but after receiving a replacement iPhone 5, the lenses no longer attached to my device. Read on to hear how Carson handled it, and what I think about the lenses.


  • Magnets are reversible
  • Carrying case is included
  • Clear photos when using the lens
  • Price point


  • The magnets are strong, but could be stronger

Carson LensMag on iPhone

After realizing that the Carson LensMag would no longer attach itself to my iPhone, I grabbed my wife’s and it immediately worked as expected. The magnet used by Carson seemed the be the right polarity for my previous iPhone, and now my wife’s, but my replacement iPhone was only pushing the magnet off. Clearly the polarity on my new device was different. So I reached out to Carson and asked if they had any ideas. After some back and forth explaining the issue, I was asked to check my speaker (which is what the magnet uses to attach the lens to the iPhone) and see if it was a third-party replacement speaker.

Fast forward to a Genius Bar visit and I discovered that nearly all of the display models on the floor exhibited the same issue I was experiencing with my new device. The lens wouldn’t attach to the device at all. After talking my “issue” over with the Genius, he agreed to tear open my iPhone and verify I had an OEM speaker in my device; which I did.

Carson LensMag Magnet

Taking this information back to Carson, it was determined Apple had sourced another speaker, with a weaker magnet with reverse polarity than that of the former speaker.

This, as you would imagine, was a huge issue for Carson. I agreed to do some further testing for them if needed, and they did overnight a couple of samples for me to test. Then they got quiet.

A couple of months later, I heard from Carson. There was an easy fix now available, and I’d be receiving a new set of lenses soon.

The solution? Make the magnets in the lenses themselves, reversible. Allowing a user to change the polarity to suit the speaker inside the device. Perfect.

Carson LensMag Case

With the issue now fixed, I’ve been using the set of macro lenses from Carson for a few weeks now. In the pack there’s a 10x and a 15x macro lens. Each one attaches to the back of your iPhone, which has to be sans a protective case. It’s recommended that you use a 3/4-inch focus distance with the 10x lens, and 1/2-inch with the 15x lens.

Carson LensMag on iPhone Example 10x

10x lens sample photo


Carson LensMag on Example15x

15x lens sample photo


While the magnets do hold the lens to your device, if you move quickly or jerk, the lens will move a bit. It would be nice if the magnets were a tad stronger, ensuring I can raise and lower my device without fear of losing the lens. I should point out I have yet to have the lens slide completely off my phone, but it’s come close.

Picture quality is not superb, but there’s nothing to complain about either. The lens isn’t the same quality I’ve come to know and love in something like the Olloclip, but then again, the LensMag isn’t carrying the same price point of the Olloclip.

Currently available on Amazon, you can purchase a LensMag for just over $11. Yes, that’s $11 for both lenses.

LensMag is going to make for a fun stocking stuffer this holiday season, or a cheap pickup for those who want to add some capabilities to their iPhone’s camera.

You can purchase LensMag from Amazon.com for about $11.

* Review sample provided by Carson

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