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Seagate Wireless Plus Portable Hard Drive

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4 stars

Seagate Wireless Plus 1TB

There are a variety of wireless mobile storage solutions available to consumers these days. Wireless portable hard drives, wireless flash drives, wireless docks, and wireless memory card readers can all supplement the limited amount of storage that are typical of most mobile devices. Seagate introduced the first wireless mobile storage drive back in 2011 (GoFlex Satellite) and is back with an all new drive called the Seagate Wireless Plus.


  • Very good USB 3.0 performance
  • Apps for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire
  • Works with PCs and Macs
  • Reliable wireless connection
  • Internet pass-through supported
  • DLNA-compliant


  • Awkward USB 3.0 interface (USM)

The Seagate Wireless Plus is about the same shape and size as most portable hard drives on the market. It has a single power button on one of its sides and two LEDs on top that indicate wireless activity and power. There are small rubber feet on the bottom of the drive to keep it stable when used on flat surfaces. There’s also a reset pinhole on the bottom as well. The gray top is made out of plastic and has a matte finish. The rest of the enclosure is covered with a soft-touch coating.

Seagate Wireless Plus

The cover on the back of the Wireless Plus protects the USM port when not in use. You have to plug the USB 3.0 adapter into the USM port in order to connect the Wireless Plus to your computer. Since transferring data over Wi-Fi is rather slow, transferring over USB 3.0 is recommended. Using the USM port is a little awkward, though, since I’m used to just plugging my drives in directly without the need for an adapter.

On the opposite side of where the power button is located, there’s a DC power connector. You can use the included USB to DC power cable and wall adapter to charge a depleted Wireless Plus in about four hours. The drive is rated at up to 10 hours for video streaming, depending on the resolution of the video. It also goes into standby mode when idle for five minutes and can last up to 25 hours in standby mode.

Seagate Wireless Plus charging

The Seagate Media app is available on iOS, Android, and the Kindle Fire. That pretty much covers all the bases as far as relevant mobile devices go. You can also access the Wireless Plus drive using a web browser on a PC or Mac. The mobile app is slightly more polished than similar apps of its kind and I had no problems running it on a Nexus 7 (2013). You can browse the files on the Wireless Plus with it, as well as configure the drive itself. You can set password access to the Wireless Plus and change the network name, but you can’t hide the network name (SSID), unfortunately. This is also where you set up Internet pass-through, if you want an Internet connection while connected to the Wireless Plus.

Seagate Media app for Android

USB 3.0 performance on the Wireless Plus was terrific, with speeds of 117 MB/s read and 117 Mb/s write in CrystalDiskMark. Though transferring files over the Wi-Fi connection is possible, it’s much slower than using USB 3.0. When streaming from the Wireless Plus drive, music and movies worked well every time. I was also able to view documents and photos. And because the Wireless Plus supports DLNA, I was able to stream files to my Samsung SmartTV. Seagate has an app for Samsung Smart TVs, but it wasn’t available on the 2010 model I tested with.

Seagate Wireless Plus CrystalDiskMark

The Wireless Plus has a 5400 RPM drive inside with a capacity of 1 TB. That should be more than enough storage for most people. Remember, this is not meant to house your entire collection of music, movies, and photos. This is a traveling companion for your mobile devices. That said, some people may actually be able to put their entire collection of media on the Wireless Plus.

Seagate Wireless Plus CrystalDiskInfo

The Seagate Wireless Plus is a reliable Wi-Fi hard drive with plenty of storage and good transfer rates. The mobile app is conveniently available on multiple devices and is easy to use. And with DLNA support, you can stream media to compatible devices, like Blu-ray players and Smart TVs. The USB 3.0 adapter can be somewhat awkward to use, but since you only need to use it when copying or deleting media, it’s not a deal breaker. If you’re looking to supplement the storage of your mobile device with a lot of extra storage in a portable package, the Seagate Wireless Plus is a great way to go.

Available from Amazon.com for about $185.

* Review sample provided by Seagate

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