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Olloclip Telephoto lens and Circular Polarizing Lens

Olloclip Telephoto5 Stars

Olloclip is by far my favorite photo accessory for the iPhone. The original set of lenses launched by the company included a fish-eye, a 2x wide-angle and a macro lens. All three were bundled into one, convenient attachment. Fast-forward to today and Olloclip has now released a 2x Telephoto lens with a Circular Polarizing Lens (CPL) attachment.

How does it stack up? Read on to find out more.


  • Made of the same, high quality construction as the previous attachment.
  • Ability to zoom via a lens provides better photos than the native pinch-to-zoom technique in iOS.
  • The CPL truly makes a difference with lighting.


  • There’s no real easy way to carry the lenses. The included carrying bags are messy.

Olloclip Telephoto

With the Telephoto lens kit, you’ll receive two separate carrying bags, held together with a small plastic piece. In one bag will be the telephoto lens itself. The lens provides a 2x zoom when attached to your iPhone. I first caught wind of the new lens back at CES in January. I even saw an early prototype, and I can say this lens looks nothing like that prototype. It’s been refined and made to look like a product you’d expect from the Olloclip team.

On the back side of the lens you’ll notice a small circular spot, with a cutout for your iPhone lens. This side of the attachment is built to hold the Circular Polarizing Lens attachment, which is included in the second carrying bag. This attachment has an insert inside it. When inserted or removed you can easily slip the CPL over an existing Olloclip lens (it is backwards compatible with previous Olloclip lenses along with the telephoto lens).

Olloclip Telephoto

When applied, you’re able to turn a small ring around on the lens and it will fine tune the different types of light it’s blocking out or allowing through. The goal is to add an extra level of clarity to your photos that’s often lost due to various lighting elements.

The lens attaches quickly and remains attached while lining up your perfect shot. That’s not to say you can keep it on your iPhone and run around — I never tested this — but I wouldn’t recommend it.

Olloclip Telephoto

There are two issues with the Olloclip lineup, part of which is solved for some by Olloclip, and the other needs to be solved by Olloclip. You can’t use the lens with a case on your device, unless it’s the case Olloclip has released.

The second issue I have is that there’s no clean way of carrying the lenses. Sure, the bags included with either set of lenses do a sufficient job of protecting the lenses, but when you begin carrying both sets with you it’s a jumbled mess. I would like to see Olloclip come up with a clean, compact solution for carrying the lenses. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of what I’d like to see as a carrying case, is akin to the Oakley cases for carrying extra lenses.

To see the difference the lens and CPL makes on photos, below you’ll find a photo with the telephoto lens attached along with the CPL, just the telephoto lens and the iPhone stock camera. All photos were taken over the weekend, and as you can see, well… I’ll let you be the judge of the best photo.

Olloclip Telephoto with CPL

Photo of Mount Rushmore with the Olloclip telephoto lens and the CPL.

Olloclip Telephoto Only

Photo of Mount Rushmore with only the Olloclip telephoto lens.

Standard iPhone pic

Photo of Mount Rushmore with no attachments, using standard iPhone 5 camera

You can order the Telephoto lens with CPL for $99 directly from Olloclip. They are now shipping according to the official Twitter account. If you’re on the fence of which lens will be more useful, I suggest getting the telephoto lens. Yes, you only get one lens, but being able to zoom in without producing a pixelated image is worth every penny of the arguably steep price tag.

* Review sample provided by Olloclip

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