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TYLT Energi Power Case for Samsung Galaxy S III

4 stars
TYTL Energi Case S3

The TYLT Energi is a case for your smartphone with a built-in battery. Instead of carrying an external battery pack or a spare internal battery, you can supplement your phone’s battery life with the Energi. It’s currently available for the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S III. We took a look at the Galaxy S III version and for the most part, liked the design and extra power.


  • Slim and attractive case
  • Easy to install and remove
  • Extends battery life by 50%
  • Convenient metal kickstand


  • Glossy case is slippery
  • Harder to use phone’s buttons and ports

As with many products by TYLT, the Energi Power Case comes in some very stylish packaging.

TYLT Energi S3 box


The Power Case itself is comprised of two sections: a battery “sled” and frame. It’s a fairly thin design, adding only 6mm of depth. It does, however, add more than half an inch in height.

TYLT Energi S3 sled and frame

Installing the Energi Power Case over the Samsung Galaxy S III is simple and removing it is just as effortless. Just slide the S III into the micro-USB port on the sled, then wrap the frame around it.

TYLT Energi S3 front

The back of the case very glossy, but resists scratches, smudges and fingerprints surprisingly well. Unfortunately, it’s quite slippery and difficult to grip. To make it a little easier to hold, a strip of rubber on the frame might’ve been a good idea.

TYLT Energi S3 back

You’ll also notice that there’s a very handy metal kickstand for landscape viewing.

TYLT Energi S3 kickstand

With the Energi Power Case installed, the ports and buttons on the Galaxy S III are recessed, making it harder to operate than without the case. Rubber covers for the buttons may have made more sense here, instead of a cutout. The headphone port is also fairly deep, which may be problematic when using right-angled headphone jacks.

TYLT EnergiS3 power/sleep button


The standard battery in the Samsung Galaxy S III is 2,100 mAh. The built-in battery of the Energi Power Case is 1,800 mAh. During my testing, the Power Case consistently added about 50% battery life to the Galaxy S III, in just over 2 hours of charging. I left the Galaxy S III on while charging for convenience. I figured that’s how most people would want to use the Power Case.

TYLT Energi S3 LEDs

A nice feature of the Energi Power Case is that when you plug it in, the Galaxy S III will charge first, then the built-in battery of the Power Case.


The Energi Power Case is a good-looking case that doesn’t add a lot of thickness, but is just average on functionality as a case, mainly due to how slick it is to hold. Once you add the built-in 1,800 mAh battery to the formula, the Energi Power Case becomes a much cooler case. Using a case with a built-in battery does have its drawbacks, however. First, there’s no way to avoid some additional bulk. Second, you can’t use it with other phones or devices. But if you’d rather not deal with an external battery pack or a spare internal battery, a battery case like the TYLT Energi Power Case is a good choice for adding some extra battery life to your Samsung Galaxy S III.

Available from TYLT direct for $79.99.

* Review sample provided by TYLT

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