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Withings Smart Kid Scale

Withings Smart Kid Scale4 stars

There’s a healthy list different activity monitors and connected scales on the market for adults, but what about kids? Ensuring your child is healthy can be difficult, especially if he is young and can’t vocalize any potential issues. One of the key metrics in helping quickly identify if a child is healthy is his or her weight. Enter the Withings Smart Kid Scale. This Wi-Fi connected scale will keep a log of the weight and height of your child from birth to 55 lbs.

Withings Smart Kid Scale


  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth syncing options
  • Small, portable yet sturdy
  • Background firmware updates


  • No Android app
  • A bit on the expensive side for a connected scale

I’ve spent the last month or so randomly measuring my kids —  3 in total — on the Withings Smart Kid Scale, at times it’s been a pleasant experience and other times it’s been a frustrating one.

Initial setup of the scale requires you download the companion app for the scale from the App Store to your iPhone. Once installed you connect the scale to your iPhone via Bluetooth and enter your Wi-Fi network information, or if you don’t have a Wi-Fi network at your house you can continue syncing with the scale via Bluetooth.

Withings Smart Kid Scale

You then enter each child as a user into the app, up to four users are supported by the scale. Once you enter basic information, you can weight and measure her height using the included tape measure in the box.

The frustrating part of my experience with the scale all stems from how long it took to record the weight of a child. As I already stated, I have three kids, ranging in ages from 17-months to 5-years old. Getting a kid to stand still on a scale longer than a few seconds is near impossible. Out of the box, the scale was taking anywhere from 30-60 seconds to record a weight for the child. Each time he or she would move even the slightest bit, the displayed weight would naturally change and prevent the scale from locking onto a weight.

This often led to myself, or the child, getting impatient and stepping off the scale, not recording a weight in the end. I got so frustrated with the experience, I decided to test my FitBit Aria scale to see if this was something I would just have to deal with as a parent who wanted to weigh my child using a connected scale on a regular basis. While there were a few instances on the Aria scale where it took a few seconds to lock on a weight, it was never more than 5-10 seconds.

A software update has since been issued since (just a few days ago), rectifying the issue, but I wouldn’t be doing you any justice to not include this part of my experience. The time to lock on and record a weight is now down to the same timing I was seeing on the Aria scale. The update fixed my biggest issue with the scale.

Withings Smart Kid Scale

In the box you receive the scale, along with a cradle to weigh infants. With the cradle attached, you can lay your infant on the scale and weigh just as you would at a doctors office.

Withings Smart Kid Scale

Once a weight is recorded, it’s synced to your Withings account and plotted on a chart. Keeping a chart of your child’s growth pattern is not only fun for them to see, but it’s always convenient to have should any health issues arise. You can view the progress chart on your iPhone or on the Withings Web site.

Before the recent update, which was applied automatically to the scale by Withings unbeknownst to me, I wouldn’t have recommended the scale to anyone. I was that frustrated with it. But the update has fixed my issue with it, making it a pleasant experience all around.

You can order the Withings Smart Kid Scale from Amazon.com for $179.95.

* Review sample provided by Withings.

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