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Photojojo iPhone Viewfinder

Photojojo iPhone Viewfinder3 Stars
Another day another iPhone photo accessory review from yours truly. But this accessory is unlike anything I’ve ever seen, or even thought of, for the budding iPhone photog.

The iPhone Viewfinder, from Photojojo adds a traditional viewfinder to your iPhone or iPad, similar to what you would find on a DSLR camera. Is the iPhone Viewfinder a gimmick, or a real iPhone photography tool?


  • Free iOS app to use along with the Viewfinder
  • Really does make photos in the sun easier to take
  • Sturdy construction


  • Does feel a bit on the gimmicky side
  • $30 price tag? Ouch.

Photojojo iPhone Viewfinder

The iPhone Viewfinder uses a screw-on suction cup to hold itself in place on your iPhone’s screen. Photojojo claims no marks are left on the screen from the suction cup, but I’ve experienced pesky suction cup marks on my screen after every application. However, the marks are easily removed with a cleaning cloth.

Photojojo iPhone Viewfinder

In order to get the most out of the Viewfinder, though, you’ll need to download the free Daylight Viewfinder app from the App Store. The app itself offers a circle, outlining where you need to place the Viewfinder on the screen. To the side of where the Viewfinder is placed, you have another smaller window displayed on the screen. Here you can control your autoexposure and focus settings, along the ability to control flash, video, zoom and a shutter release.

Photojojo Viewfinder Screen

When you move your finger across the screen to manipulate settings, you see a blue dot through the Viewfinder to let you know where you’re finger is touching the screen. It’s a well thought out app to accompany the accessory, but nothing you can use without the Viewfinder.

Photojojo iPhone Viewfinder

The one thing the Viewfinder does really well is block out the sun when taking photos facing directly into it. We’ve all tried taking a photo of a sunset, or a group of people with the sun behind them, only to find the sun makes it difficult to look at your screen. With the Viewfinder you can take a photo, looking directly into the sun, and not have to think twice about hurting your eyes.

Photojojo Viewfinder Sun

The iPhone Viewfinder is going to get you laughed at the first time you pull it out of the included carrying bag. And you’re going to be laughed at when you attach it to your iPhone and hold it up to your face. But when you show your friends some amazing photos with the sun in the background, they’re going to ask you where you got the Viewfinder. Or at the very least, you’re going to kill it on Instagram.

You can order the iPhone Viewfinder from Photojojo for $30.

Discount on review sample provided by Photojojo

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