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Logitech UE 6000 Headphones

5 stars
Logitech UE 6000

Premium headphones are more popular than ever, driven in part by mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. The Logitech UE 6000 is a premium over-the-ear headphone with active noise cancellation that retails for $199. I had the opportunity to test the UE 6000s for the past few weeks and enjoyed them immensely.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • Attractive design
  • Comfortable
  • Detachable audio cable
  • ANC also includes on-board amp
  • Works with or without batteries
  • Great for music and movies
  • Folds for easy travel
  • Includes zippered travel pouch


  • Sound leakage
  • Earpads aren’t user-replaceable

My current go-to headphones are the Etymotic ER-4PT’s (in-ear) and the Shure SRH1840’s (over-the-ear). Both headphones are very accurate, detailed, and have tight, low end response. I’d heard very good things about Ultimate Ears earphones in the past, but wasn’t sure what to expect with their first attempt at headphones and under the new Logitech UE brand. It only took me a few minutes to realize I had a Beats killer on my hands.

Logitech UE6000 box

Though the Logitech UE 6000 is a full-sized headphone, it’s fairly compact. At 275g, it’s a little heavy, but not uncomfortably so. The face of the ear cups are a glossy plastic that are available in black or white. Brushed metal accents are used around the UE logo where the plastic cover of the headband meets the ear cups. The headband is a soft, plastic material, but the folding hinge is made out of steel. The UE 6000 is well made and definitely has a premium feel to it.

Logitech UE6000 headphones

Logitech UE6000 earcup

The ear cups fold in for easy travel and the headphone can be placed inside the zippered case that comes with the UE 6000. A headphone splitter is also included, just in case you’re in the mood to share your tunes with someone else.

Logitech UE6000  case

Logitech UE6000 splitter

The blue, detachable headphone cable is tangle-free and just over four feet in length. About six inches down from the speaker is the inline remote for audio and headset controls. The controls are primarily for Apple products, but you get some functionality with other products as well.

Logitech UE6000 cable remote

The power switch for noise cancellation is located on the right speaker. There’s a small LED light that glows green when active and eventually turns red when the battery level gets low.

Logitech UE6000 ANC switch

The active noise cancellation and on-board amplifier of the UE 6000s are powered by two AAA batteries, which are housed in the left speaker.

Logitech UE6000 batteries

The battery life is rated at about 40 hours. I ran through my first set of batteries very quickly because I kept forgetting to turn off the ANC. Still, being able to use standard AAA batteries is a big advantage, since you can buy them from just about anywhere. Fortunately, the Logitech UE 6000s work with or without batteries, unlike some active noise cancellation headphones. When the first set of alkaline batteries ran out, I replaced them with a pair of Sanyo Eneloop NiMH batteries and they worked fine, despite their lower voltage.

The UE 6000 uses memory foam ear pads and some light padding on the headband to provide a comfortable fit for longer listening sessions. I was able to wear them for three to four hours at a time before needing a break.

Logitech UE6000 headband

Oddly, the UE 6000s exhibited a lot of sound leakage at higher volumes. For closed headphones to have a lot of leakage is a little surprising, unlike open headphones, obviously. It’s something to keep in mind if you like to listen to your music at high volumes and around other people.

The Logitech UE 6000 has active noise cancellation circuitry. With ANC disabled, the UE 6000 has great detail and very good low end response. The sound is mostly neutral, with a slight emphasis on bass. Rock songs from Led Zeppelin to AC/DC to Smashing Pumpkins all sounded great, while popular contemporary songs sounded good as well.

In addition to the noise cancellation circuitry, the UE 6000 has an on-board amp that allows the UE 6000 to shed its mild-mannered personality to become a massive party on your head. With ANC turned on, all the frequencies seem to get a boost, feeling brighter and beefier. The enhanced bass response is definitely the most noticeable. I had a great time listening to bands like, Ke$ha, P!nk, will.i.am, and fun. on the UE 6000 with ANC on.

Movies with ANC are also great. In the main fight scene of “Twilight – Breaking Dawn Part 2” where Bella projects her defensive powers onto Edward, I could feel the rumbling when her power emanated from her body.

Logitech UE6000 movie watching

Noise cancellation on the UE 6000 is decent, but you might be better off looking at active noise cancellation headphones from Bose or Audio-Technica, if noise cancellation is your highest priority. Etymotic earphones are also great for passive noise cancellation.

Here’s the list of equipment and music I used for testing:


  • Windows 7 PC with discrete Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD audio card
  • Apple iPod 5th Gen with Wolfson audio chip
  • Apple iPod touch 2nd Gen with Cirrus Logic audio chip
  • Sansa Clip+ MP3 player with Wolfson audio chip
  • Samsung Galaxy SIII with Qualcomm audio chip


  • Lossless FLAC audio files
  • LAME VBR MP3 audio files
  • LAME CBR 256kbps+ MP3 audio files
  • Spotify
  • Slacker


  • AC/DC- “Shoot to Thrill”
  • Olly Murs- “Troublemaker”
  • Imagine Dragons- “It’s Time”
  • Ke$ha- “Die Young”
  • The Police- “Synchronicity I”
  • Tori Amos- “Silent All These Years”
  • Passion Pit- “Take A Walk”
  • Van Halen- “Dreams”
  • Ellie Goulding- “Lights”
  • David Bowie- “Heroes”
  • Eminem- “The Real Slim Shady”
  • London Philharmonic Orchestra- “Star Wars Theme”
  • Guns N’ Roses- “Mr. Brownstone”
  • will.i.am- “Scream & Shout”
  • Smashing Pumpkins- “Tristessa”
  • Ben Folds Five- “Song for the Dumped”
  • Nicki Minaj- “Starships”
  • Jeff Buckley- “Last Goodbye”
  • New Order- “Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction Mix)”
  • Swedish House Mafia- “Don’t You Worry Child”
  • Psy- “Gangnam Style”
  • P!nk- “Slut Like You”

The Logitech UE 6000 is an interesting headphone as it really has two sound signatures, depending on whether you enable the noise cancellation feature. With noise cancellation disabled, the UE 6000 has a nice balanced sound with good details. With noise cancellation enabled, the sound really pops with massive bass. I preferred leaving ANC off when listening to rock, but hip hop, rap, techno, and most of the current top 100 songs were a lot of fun with ANC turned on.

Many premium headphone owners own more than one pair to use for different purposes, but if I had to recommend a single headphone for everything, the Logitech UE 6000 would easily be at the top of the list. They look sharp, are comfortable to wear, and sound fantastic.

Available from Amazon.com.

* Review sample provided by Logitech

  1. Ed Rhee
    November 24th, 2013 at 15:15 | #1

    The UE 6000 sounds great with Android devices. The remote, however, only controls the play/pause function. Good luck!

  2. Zeko
    November 24th, 2013 at 12:22 | #2


    I have a question in fact i would like to know does it work the ue 6000 on a android phone? Because i asked logitech self about the internet and they told me if I use this headphones over the android phone (samsung galaxy s4 mini) that the headphones does not good work. Is that right and what are you saying to this Comment?

    And if you connect the headphones via a Androidphone can I use the panels? For example: press: pause, play, further, back, again .. i do not know all features.

    Thank you really much in advance

    PS: Sorry for my English (I am from Germany) 🙂

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