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Just Mobile HeadStand and Slide

4 stars

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Having a desk with a minimalist approach is something I strive for. My current setup isn’t as minimal as it should be, but it’s a work in progress. Naturally when I met with the Just Mobile team at International CES 2013 last month and learned a bit about its HeadStand and Slide products, I just had to try them out.

Just Mobile HeadStand

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon for a person to spend some serious money on headphones anymore. Just Mobile saw this as an opportunity to make stand for those expensive headphones, in turn giving users a safe place to store them when not in use. Not to mention the stand’s design fits in with a minimalist approach.

Just Mobile HeadStand

Instead of setting your headphones on your desk, leading to potential scratches as they get bumped around, you can hang your headphones on the HeadStand, keeping them safe. There’s a small gap along the bottom of the stand that’s just wide enough for you to wrap a USB charging cord, or the standard 3.5mm cord of your headphones around it. This is a thoughtful feature of the stand; one that helps eliminate clutter and clears off your work area.

The construction of the stand, made of dual-layer aluminum, is solid, and doesn’t feel cheap in any regard. The only downside I see of the HeadStand is that on the surface it feels like nothing more than a pedestal to place your expensive headphones — a trophy stand if you will. Once you begin using it, and get past the “hey look at my headphones” stage, you’ll realize Just Mobile has a solid product that’s perfect for those headphone owners who want somewhere safe to store their headphones.

The HeadStand is available on Just Mobile’s site for $49.95.


Just Mobile Slide

Out of the two products I received from Just Mobile, the Slide is my favorite. Billed as an iPad stand, for the full size iPad or the mini, the Slide actually works with practically any device. I’ve used it to prop up a Nexus 4 during some CNET How To videos and my iPhone for a FaceTime call. The reason it works so well is that the Slide isn’t made to form-fit a specific device, instead it uses a rubber cylinder to rest against the back of your device and is heavy enough to hold your device in place against the front lip of the stand.

Just Mobile Slide back

As you can see in the photo above, the rubber cylinder can move along the stand, changing the viewing angle of the device in the Slide as it moves. When you’re not using the Slide the rubber cylinder slides nicely into the opening in the back of the stand — ensuring you don’t lose it.

Just Mobile Slide

Made of the same high-quality aluminum as the HeadStand the Slide doesn’t weight a lot, but it weighs enough to withstand a moderate bump of the desk and not cause your iPad to go flying out of the stand. The front lip of the Slide is made of a soft rubber front to prevent any scratching of your device.

The Slide is a stand that works great for many devices, especially the iPad. Traditional docks usually provide one angle and one device orientation. With the Slide, viewing in both portrait and landscape is possible, and with the ease of changing viewing angles (just roll the rubber cylinder back or forward) it’s better than any dock I’ve ever used.

You can order the Slide from Just Mobile’s site for $39.95

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