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Incipio Flagship Folio Case for Retina iPad

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4 stars

Incipio Flagship Folio

There is no shortage of companies that make smartphone and tablet cases, especially for Apple devices. Incipio has been one of the leaders in that arena because they make simple, stylish, and functional cases for the most popular devices on the market. Their Feather cases have been popular for a long time, along with the Silicrylic cases. With the Flagship Folio case for the Retina iPad (3rd and 4th gen), Incipio went high-end executive on us. I used it on my trip to the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and enjoyed using it.


  • Hard outer shell offers solid protection
  • Sharp, professional appearance
  • Front cover enables/disables sleep mode
  • Eight viewing angles


  • Heavy

Incipio Flagship package

The Flagship Folio works like most folio-style cases in that you get multiple viewing angles and a front cover to protect the screen. The difference with the Flagship is that the cover is made of polycarbonate plastic, which makes it a lot more rigid than a standard folio. The cover also puts your iPad to sleep when shut, and wakes it when opened.

Incipio Flagship front angle

The Flagship uses an aluminum hinge that swivels when opening and closing the cover, as well as to adjust the position to one of the eight available viewing angles. The hinge can be positioned in one of two ways. For optimal viewing, the section of the hinge that rotates, should rest on the cover. If it doesn’t, the aluminum comes in contact with the surface of your desk, potentially scratching the finish if you move it around. For the lowest typing angle, the rotating hinge section should rest off of the cover. At this angle, the aluminum section actually lifts above the desk surface, so there’s no risk of damage to the desk.

Incipio Flagship hinge

As you’d expect, the Flagship has all the proper cutouts for buttons and ports. The opening for the charging port is large enough to fit the 30-pin connector of the 3rd gen iPad and will also work with the smaller Lightning connector of the 4th gen iPad.

Incipio Flagship ports

The interior of the cover is a soft, micro-suede material that won’t scratch your iPad screen and the exterior of the Flagship has a carbon fiber design. The carbon fiber exterior and aluminum hinge make the Flagship look very sharp and professional. To maintain this appearance, the Flagship Folio only comes in black, and not in the usual array of colorful choices normally offered by Incipio.

Incipio Flagship back

The materials used on the Flagship provide excellent protection against bumps and scratches, but it does add a significant amount of weight. The case itself weighs 12.4 ounces. A 4th Gen iPad w/cellular, weighs 23.36 ounces, so you’re adding more than 50% of the weight of the iPad (or just over ¾ of a pound) when using the Flagship with your iPad. The added weight didn’t bother me when I was walking around the convention center, as long as I only had the iPad in my bag. If you’re looking for a very lightweight case, you’re probably better off looking at something like the Smart Feather case instead.

Incipio Flagship back hinge

The Incipio Flagship Folio case is an attractive folio for the iPad that offers solid protection against bumps and scratches. It has a premium price, but if you’re looking for a solid case that doesn’t look like a G-shock military watch or a kid’s gumby case, the Flagship is worth a look.

Available from Amazon.com.

* Review sample provided by Incipio

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