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Glif+ for iPhone 5

Glif iPhone 54 stars

Here I am, getting ready to talk about an accessory specifically made for mobile photography. This time I’m going to review the Glif+. The Glif+ is an attachment for standard tripods specifically built for the iPhone, or in this case, the iPhone 5. How does it stack up against Joby’s GripTight? You’re going to have to continue reading to find out.


  • Specifically made for the thickness of the iPhone 5
  • With the addition of the Serif, your iPhone is secure
  • Easy to attach to your keychain or throw in a bag
  • Doubles as a stand on your desk for FaceTime calls
  • Durable


  • Specifically made for the iPhone 5
  • Won’t work with a case

I had been carrying the original Glif, using it with my iPhone 4S since its launch. Then when the iPhone 5 was announced with a thinner design I realized the Glif would no longer work and I’d have to wait for it to be redesigned to accommodate the new design. This is the biggest flaw of the entire Glif line should you want to use it on a redesigned iPhone, you’re going to have to purchase a different version of the Glif.

Glif iPhone 5

With that being said, the Glif is incredibly easy to use and is perfect for the mobile photography enthusiasts. It’s equipped for the standard 1/4″-­20 thread tripod mount, making it compatible with the majority of tripods such as the Joby Gorillapod.

Glif iPhone 5


You won’t be able to use a case and the Glif at the same time because it’s designed to snuggly fit your phone. Most will view this as a drawback (thus listed it as a con above), when in reality it’s for the best. Not all cases are created equal. They are made out of numerous material types, all varying in thickness and texture. Trying to accommodate for the various cases wouldn’t end in a good experience for the user. The only guarantee is the size of the iPhone itself; it’s best to stick with what you know.

The Serif is an additional piece included in the Glif+ kit that attached to the Glif and then to the side (or top of) your iPhone when it’s placed in the Glif. This arm, if you will, allows you the ability to stand the iPhone vertical while in the Glif, or even to hang it upside down. When using the Glif on it’s own neither of these mounting positions would be safe. Attaching the Serif is a bit tricky as it’s a tight fit. I struggle almost every time to get it on and in place.

Also included in the Glif+ package is a small keyring attachment, called the Ligature, to help you keep the Glif close by at all times.

Glif iPhone 5


The Glif is made of durable recyclable rubber, which has proven to take a beating over time. The Glif is a great accessory for iPhone 4/4S and 5 owners. I used the Glif with my iPhone 4S all the time, and I’ve found myself splitting time with my iPhone 5 between the GripTight and the Glif. Both of them are great products, sure to make any user happy. If you’re planning on fulfilling your 2-year contract with your carrier with the iPhone 5, $30 for the Glif+ package is money well invested. The Glif on its own is $20.

You can purchase the Glif or Glif+ package from Studio Neat or Amazon.com.

*Review sample provided by Studio Neat

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