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Olloclip for iPhone 5

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I use my iPhone camera, a lot, as you guys know by now. So when I upgraded to the iPhone 5, I knew I was going to miss out on some key accessories, but I trusted production of the accessories I would be giving up wouldn’t be too far behind. The holidays were fast approaching, after all.

The Olloclip, a 3-in-1 lens for the iPhone 4/4S was one such accessory I had to give up. Last week I was reunited with my favorite iPhone accessory, and I’m thrilled. Here’s what I think of the Olloclip for the iPhone 5.



  • Convenient way to add to iPhone camera capabilities.
  • It adds 3 lenses to your iPhone (!!).
  • Case and lens covers included.
  • Small enough to fit in your jacket, or even pants, pocket.
  • It’s durable. I’ve dropped it once or twice (with caps on) and it survived without issue.


  • Not future-proof (iPhone redesign equals Olloclip redesign).
  • It’s going to scuff the side of the iPhone 5 from being put on, taken off.

In order for the Olloclip to work with the iPhone 5 it had to be made a bit thinner, ensuring it would snuggly fit the now thinner iPhone. There were some janky methods to get the iPhone 4/4S Olloclip to sit just right on the iPhone 5, but they weren’t reliable and often resulted in part of the iPhone lens being covered. I was glad to hear the iPhone 5 Olloclip was going to be released in time for the holidays; not only does it make a great Christmas present, but a lot of pictures are taken during this time (at least by me).

To use the Olloclip, you simply slide it onto your iPhone, placing one of three total lenses directly above your iPhone lens. There’s a Fish Eye lens, a Wide Angle (2x) lens and of course a Macro lens for extreme close-ups. Below you’ll find a photo taken using each of the various lenses.

Olloclip Fish Eye

Fish Eye

Olloclip Wide-angle


Olloclip Macro


I’m not a professional photographer, but I think those photos look pretty good, and none of them would have been possible using an iPhone without the Olloclip.

Using the Olloclip’s Fish Eye lens combined with the new iOS 6 panorama feature provides for a method to take a complete 360-degree photo of your surroundings. Actually it goes well beyond 360-degrees, you’ll need to practice stopping (or just crop the photo later) at the 360 mark. This provides a similar feature to that of the Photo Sphere feature Android users have in Android 4.2.

The Olloclip comes with a microfiber carrying case, which doubles as a lens cleaner and two caps to further protect the lenses. It’s lightweight and small enough to throw in your pants pocket, or a jacket and take it with you on the go. The ability to quickly change lenses (dare I say faster than on an dSLR?) is something most smartphone owners never even think about. I know I didn’t, until I received my first Olloclip. Now I can’t imagine going on a photo walk, or heading out to a theme park without it.

The Olloclip for the iPhone 5 went up for pre-order a couple weeks ago and began shipping last week. You’ll have the choice of three different colors; black, red or white. The cost is $69.95, a bit high, but well worth it if you’re looking to improve your iPhone photos.

Order an Olloclip for iPhone 5 here.

*Review sample provided by Olloclip.

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