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Incipio NGP Impact Resistant Case for iPad Mini

Incipio NGP iPad Mini5 Stars

Incipio launched a line of iPad Mini cases around the same time the iPad Mini was released. One of them, the NGP Impact Resistant Case, caught my eye as being minimal, yet adding ample protection to the new iPad. I was sent a review sample, and have been using it for the last few weeks. Here’s how it stacks up.

Incipio NGP for iPad Mini


  • Easy to put on, take off
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple colors


  • As with a lot of other cases on the market, it feels like after an extended amount of time, the bottom pieces between the new Lightning port and speakers will break. I can’t confirm this, as I haven’t had the case long enough. Just what it feels like.

Incipio NGP for iPad Mini

The Incipio NGP is a small case that’s fitted to cover the back and sides of the iPad Mini. It has cut outs where you’d expect them: Lighting port, speakers, camera and the headphone jack. Where the case covers the volume and power buttons, you’re able to feel you’ve pressed the buttons with ample feedback (a big complaint I had in a recent review was lack of feedback).

Incipio NGP for iPad Mini

Installation and removal is easy; snap the iPad Mini in or out and you’re done. There’s not a secret trick to putting it on or taking it off.

My favorite part of the NGP case is that it doesn’t increase the overall size and footprint of the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini was designed to be held for long periods of time while reading or browsing the Internet. Both of which is still possible when using this case.

Incipio NGP for iPad Mini

My only concern with the case is along the bottom, where there are multiple cut outs for the speakers and Lightning port. The small strips of material along the top, bottom and sides of each port feel too thin. Over time, as I have seen with similar cases in the past, those strips tend to break. I can’t say for sure whether or not this case will fall victim to the same fate, but it sure appears it will. Perhaps it just comes with the territory of devices getting thinner and thinner.

You can purchase the Incipio NGP for iPad Mini in black, pink or translucent for $24.99 direct from Incipio.

*Review sample provided by Incipio. 

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  1. Level 5
    December 11th, 2012 at 05:43 | #1

    I don’t have this case on the iPad Mini, but I do have an iPhone 4S with the Incipio NGP case. The 4S case also has a slim strip along the front edge where the dock connector is, my personal experience has been that the strip will not break, but it will stretch a bit; to the point where the case becomes noticeably taller than the device (and the device slides around). I’ve replaced my first NGP case after it became stretched, my second case has been fine, no stretching yet.

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