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Jabra SUPREME UC Bluetooth Headset

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4 stars
Jabra Supreme UC Bluetooth headset

Jabra makes a wide variety of Bluetooth devices, including your typical Bluetooth headset for mobile phones. They also make some unique devices that break free from the same old designs. The Stone 2, Sport Series headsets, Clipper, Halo 2 and the new Solemate BT speaker are all devices that show that Jabra isn’t just a leader in Bluetooth technology, but in design as well. The Jabra Supreme UC Bluetooth headset is a new type of BT device that can be used with mobile phones as well as PCs. For those that rely heavily on both cellular and Internet calls, The Supreme UC has a very appealing set of features.


  • Very good sound quality
  • Simultaneous use with phone and PC
  • Includes case and car charger
  • Good voice features
  • Free Android and PC apps


  • More expensive than competing headsets
  • Limited Mac support

Jabra Supreme UC- box

The Supreme UC isn’t the smallest headset around, but the folding boom mic gives it a smallish footprint when not in use. At just 0.64 ounces, however, it’s very light. Folded up, you can store it in the included hard shell case. The volume buttons are located in the rear of the headset and flank the micro-USB charging port. The large answer/end button is on the side facing out and a small voice control button is located on the arm of the boom mic. All the buttons work well and are easy to use. The Jabra Supreme UC rests on the ear, as opposed to the more popular in-ear designs. It relies on an ear hook to keep the headset safely attached to your ears. The Supreme UC comes with two hooks of different sizes and two styles of ear pads. After fiddling with it for a while, I found a good fit that was comfortable and secure, though I wouldn’t go running while wearing them.

Jabra Supreme UC- unfolded

Pairing the Supreme UC on a mobile phone follows the typical procedures — put the headset in discovery mode and search for it on your phone. If your phone asks for a pairing code, type in “0000.” On a PC, all you have to do is plug in the LINK 360 Bluetooth adapter into a free USB port on your PC and wait for Windows to install the drivers. Once complete, turn the Supreme UC on. The LINK 360 adapter is pre-paired with the headset so a connection is made automatically. But the real convenience of the Supreme UC is that you can use two devices simultaneously. I was able to keep my phone and PC connected to the Supreme UC at the same time, so I could make and accept calls on both devices without having to disconnect first.

Jabra Supreme UC- unfolded speaker-side

Sound quality on the Supreme UC was very good in my tests. I paired it with my Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android smartphone as well as my Windows 7 PC. Calls made on my mobile and over Skype were clear on both ends. The Supreme UC uses Jabra’s Noise Blackout 3.0 system for reducing background noise so that callers on the other end can hear you better. It works about as well as most similar systems on competitors’ models. What was interesting is that the Supreme UC also has noise cancellation for the headset user. I like the idea, but had a hard time noticing a difference. I don’t know how effective it’d really be, considering that one ear will always be exposed to outside noise and the headset provides no seal on the ear that has the headset attached. Regardless, the sound quality was as good, if not better than most headsets I’ve tried.

Jabra Supreme UC- folded

The Supreme UC also has voice commands and voice prompts. Voice commands allow you to speak a small set of commands so you don’t have to look at your handset. After you press the voice control button, you can say things like, “Answer,” “Ignore,” and “Redial.” You can also control your phone’s voice command system by pressing the answer/end button. Voice prompts are great so you don’t have to memorize beeps or flashing lights to know what the headset is trying to communicate back to you. It says things like, “connected,” “battery level is low,” and “call from (a name from your phone book or phone number).”

Jabra Supreme UC- case

It takes about two hours to fully charge the Supreme UC and has a battery life of 6 hours talk time and 15 days standby. It comes with a wall charger, car adapter, and a USB cable. The headset can be charged via any powered USB port, which is convenient if you’re traveling with your laptop.

Jabra Supreme UC- contents

There are a couple of applications that you can use with the Jabra Supreme UC. The Android app allows you to check your headset’s battery level, change the sound profile (office, outside, and car) and set a custom level for active noise cancellation.
Jabra Supreme Android app
The Jabra PC Suite adds the same functions, but with a few extra features that are specific to Internet telephony. It also comes with a firmware update tool.

Jabra PC Suite

Jabra states that the Supreme UC will work with Macs with limited functionality, but I did not test the headset on a Mac.

The Jabra Supreme UC has an extensive feature list, but its best feature is being able to use it simultaneously on a PC and phone. Sound quality is very good and it has all the advanced calling features you’d expect from a premium headset. The case and car charging accessories are a nice bonus and contribute to a very well-rounded headset. It’s a little more expensive than some competing headsets, but aside from the premium price, there’s not much to complain about. If your livelihood depends heavily on cellular and Internet communications, the Jabra Supreme UC handles it all in a single, convenient package.

Available from Amazon.com.

* Review unit provided by Jabra

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