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ZAGGkeys PRO Keyboard3 Stars

As a writer I use a keyboard all day long, be it a Bluetooth connected keyboard with my iPad, or Apple’s wireless keyboard. It’s a crucial piece of my workflow.

After reviewing the Kensington KeyFolio Expert Keyboard for the iPad, I fell in love with the workflow it enabled. Then I reviewed the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover and fell in love with it again. But, one downfall I later realized of the Logitech keyboard (and Kensington, for that matter) was the lack of backlit keys. Enter the ZAGGkeys PROPlus. It’s a Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad 2, 3 or 4; complete with a full-sized backlit keyboard. Here’s how it stacks up.

ZAGGkeys PROPlus


  • Backlit keyboard makes it easy to type in the dark.
  • Keys are responsive, allowing for a quick adjustment to a new keyboard (there’s always a learning curve with new keyboards).
  • Magnetic case helps protect the screen of your iPad while traveling.
  • Shortcut keys keep repetitive tasks at your fingertips.
  • Thin, lightweight.


  • The slot the iPad sits in while typing to isn’t magnetic. This leads to your iPad falling out with minimal pressure.
  • At $129.99 it’s on the higher end of Bluetooth keyboards for the iPad.

ZAGGkeys PROPlus

The keyboard comes with your standard keyboard layout, including several shortcut keys making it easier to accomplish simple iOS tasks. Instead of using the OS X keyboard shortcuts for cut/copy/paste, there are dedicated keys along the top of the keyboard that allow for one touch completion. Same can be said for the home button, slideshow, keyboard, Spotlight, music and finally volume controls. This is one area where it has a leg up over the Logitech keyboard, which still required you to use a key combination to access the same controls. Every eliminated keystroke is a productivity boost in my mind.

ZAGGkeys PROPlus

The backlit feature on the keyboard makes typing in low lighting a breeze. There are three brightness levels, easily adjusted by tapping on a dedicated backlight key. If you hold in the backlight key and press an arrow key you can scroll through the various color options for the backlight.

ZAGGkeys PROPlus

One of my biggest complaints about the Kensington keyboard was the random lag when typing. Instead of my typing chasing the cursor, often times the cursor was trying to catch up with me. This isn’t an issue on the ZAGG keyboard.

ZAGGkeys PROPlus

The ZAGGkeys PROPlus is a reliable keyboard, if you’re sitting on a solid surface and don’t really need to do anything but type. If you find yourself touching the screen, especially the top-half of the iPad, don’t apply too much pressure. Your iPad will fall out of the stand. I was surprised at how little pressure it took to make my iPad fall after I accidentally knocked it over. The situation is even worse if you place your iPad into the stand in portrait orientation. It takes very little pressure to knock it over.

That’s my biggest complaint about the ZAGGkeys PROPlus, and for that reason I have to give it three stars. If it had a magnetic, or at least a more secure, method for holding your iPad in place, it would be a lock for my daily keyboard. But as it is, I have to stick with the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. I don’t want to accidentally knock over my iPad and have a big scratch, or even worse, cracked screen as the end result.

If having a backlit keyboard is of utmost importance, and you’re confident you’ll be gentle enough on your iPad to keep it in place, the ZAGGkeys PROPlus is the keyboard for you.

You can pick it up from ZAGG for $129.99.

*Review sample provided by ZAGG.

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