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A quick look at some of Speck’s iPhone 5 cases

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Protecting your iPhone is always a good idea, even with the iPhone 5 having ditched the glass back, it’s still prone to a shattered screen if you drop it just right. Speck has been putting out some great products over the years and rarely disappoints with its product offering. There was little time between the release of the iPhone 5 and the availability of Speck’s case lineup. I was able to get my hands on five (out of eleven) of the different style of cases Speck currently offers for the iPhone 5. Here’s a mini-review (if you will) of each case.

Speck iPhoone 5 Line Up

CandyShell Grip

The CandyShell Grip is one of the smaller profile cases for the iPhone 5 offered by Speck. It doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the device. There’s grip pads all around the back of the case, allowing you to easily grip your iPhone while playing a game, or taking a photo.

Out of all the cases I was sent, this was my favorite. Primarily due to the fact it doesn’t add too much to the device. The grip does help you keep your device where it belongs in your hand.

The sleep/wake button gave plenty of feedback with this case on. When I would press down on the sleep/wake button, I could feel it click, an easy way of knowing my press was something I can’t say about the SmartFlex Card, SmartFlex View or the FabShell Burton cases.

The Grip case will set you back $34.95 and comes in a seven different color combinations.

CandyShell Flip

The CandyShell Flip is another case that doesn’t add to much to the overall thickness and weight of the iPhone 5. The benefit of the Flip, in the past at least, was that the bottom of the case would flip back, allowing you to still use a charging or speaker dock with your iPhone. With the change in connectors, the iPhone 5 is yet to receive a proper dock of any kind. For now, the flip feature isn’t required, but as accessory manufacturers gain Apple’s approval to produce Lighting compatible accessories, it will once again have a use.

The Flip will do a good job protecting your iPhone from dings, scratches and the occasional drop.

You’ll be able to pick between eight different color options. The CandyShell Flip is $34.95

FabShell Burton

FabShell Burton

When I had the iPhone 4S I had the Fitted Burton case, which is similar to the FabShell, except it’s made up of two pieces. The top and bottom would snap together, but would be very difficult to take apart should I need to remove the case.

With the FabShell I still get the look and cloth feel of the Burton design, but can remove the case relatively easily since it’s a single piece. There’s no snapping it together, or prying it apart, just to remove it.

My biggest gripe with the Burton isn’t the added weight and thickness it gives the iPhone 5 (what case doesn’t add some weight or thickness?), it’s the fact the sleep/wake button has no feedback. I could never tell when I had pushed it in far enough for the device to register it. Now, you might be thinking I’m a dummy and should be looking at the screen when I press it, so what does it matter? Which is a great point. But, I lock my phone as I’m sliding it into my pocket, and not knowing if my device locked based on the feedback from the button got to be a bit frustrating at times.

The FabShell Burton is available in a total of three different patterns and will cost you $39.95.

SmartFlex View

This case is perfect for those iPhone owners who’ve always wished it had a built in stand. While the iPhone may not have a stand built in, the SmartFlex View does! Perfect for standing your iPhone up in both landscape and portrait.

With the 16:9 4″ screen on the iPhone 5, it’s perfect to set up on your desk or table and watch a few YouTube videos or finish a movie on Netflix. The case itself adds some bulk to the iPhone, but the tradeoff is in protection and the stand.

Unfortunately, this case also suffered from a sleep/wake button that didn’t provide much feedback. Something that is an issue for me, but for you may never even be of concern.

The SmartFlex View for iPhone 5 is available in two colors, and will set you back $34.95

SmartFlex Card

It’s no secret, I’m dying for the perfect solution to come along to make mobile payments a secure and reliable part of our daily lives. When you think of mobile payments, NFC, Bluetooth and QR Codes typically come to mind. But Speck has come up with a solution that combines your iPhone with your payment options of the past, allowing you to leave your wallet at home. In some situations, at least.

The SmartFlex Card has a slot on the back where users can store up to three cards. Be it a drivers license, and two credit/debit cards or any other combination. Your method of payment is never further away than your phone. Of course, this case does add to the size to your iPhone, but it’s pulling double duty.

In fear of sounding like a broken record, I do have to mention this case also provided little feedback with the sleep/wake button.

Not all is lost, however. This case was my second favorite out of the group. The ability to ditch my wallet, and carry around my payment method with my iPhone is a good fit for me for now. I just have to be really careful as to not misplace it, else my phone and my credit cards are gone.

There are five different color options available, each listed at $34.95.

* Review samples provided by Speck Products

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