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Onanoff Leather Skin for the MacBook

4 stars

Onanoff Leather Skin

There are plenty of options available for MacBook owners to protect their investment. One of them recently caught my eye. The Onanoff Leather Skin for the MacBook Air covers your Mac in a leather skin, helping not only protect, but to also provide some color and personalization to your MacBook.


  • Easy installation
  • Doesn’t leave residue when removed


  • Price may be a bit high for most

Onanoff Leather Skin

The Onandoff Leather Skin comes with piece for the top, bottom, palm rest and a screen protecter. There’s a cutout in the top piece to let the Apple still shine through, and the kit includes a small see-through cover for the Apple to help protect it as well.

Onanoff Leather Skin

Installation was easy. Each piece has two color-coded strips you need to remove to reveal the adhesive. Removing strip one allows you to adhere a small portion of the skin. This allows you to align the skin and get it positioned correctly before adhering the entire skin. Once you have the small section aligned, peel off the other protective strip and apply the skin. If there are air bubbles, or it becomes misaligned, simply peel up the skin and reapply it. Total installation time was less than 10 minutes for me.

Onanoff Leather Skin

To test the claim of the skin not leaving behind residue, I completely removed the palm rest and was surprised to see no residue left behind. I waited about a month after getting the review sample to write this review because I was worried about the skin peeling up around the edges as it’s placed in and out of a case or backpack — which I’m happy to say never happened.

Onanoff Leather Skin

The Onanoff Leather Skin does what it’s supposed to do. The skin provides some color and personalization while protecting your MacBook from scratches and scuffs. There are a total of six different colors for you to choose from.

You can get the Onanoff Leather Skin from Onanoff.com for $59.95 for the 11″ Air and $69.95 for the 13″.

*Review sample provided by Onanoff

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