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4 starsmyCharge PEAK 6000

Batteries are the weakest point of any portable electronic device. They are the only piece of the mobile-puzzle that keeps us from being truly mobile. Eventually, this piece of the puzzle will be figured out. Until then, carrying a spare battery for a smart phone or tablet isn’t always possible, giving accessories such as the myCharge Peak 6000 a chance to fill a void. I reviewed the last revision of the myCharge line, now let’s take a look at the latest and greatest.


  • Built-in wall charger
  • Voice & tone notifications
  • Can charge multiple devices at once


  • Fell a bit short on charging capacity
  • 30-pin connector doesn’t stay in place
myCharge PEAK 6000

The myCharge Peak 6000 comes with two built in connectors — a 30-pin Apple connector and a micro-USB connector. It’s also equipped with a USB port, allowing you to plug in a USB cable for those odd devices that don’t use a 30-pin or micro-USB connector.

myCharge PEAK 6000

There’s also a USB connector that allows you to charge the myCharge using a USB port or outlet. The Apple connector folds up and over the unit, snapping into place when not in use. After a few times using it, however, I had a hard time getting the connector to stay in place at times. It takes a couple attempts of seating it, and it eventually stays put.

myCharge PEAK 6000

Speaking of charging, one of the biggest differences between the last revision and the current myCharge is the built-in wall charger. You no longer have to carry around another cable and wall charger to charge the myCharge. The wall charger is built right into the device, and easily folds up to hide when not in use or needed. You can still charge your device(s) while the myCharge is plugged in and charging itself.

Whenever you connect a device to the myCharge, you’ll hear an audible alert, confirming the unit has started charging the device. At any time, you can press the multifunction button on the myCharge to hear the current charge level and status. If having a charging device talk to you is a bit weird, you can always change from a voice to tones.

myCharge PEAK 6000

The myCharge Peak 6000 comes with a 6000 mAh battery inside. Plenty of power to charge most smartphones a few times. During the review process, I did what any honest reviewer would do and tried to charge some devices. The first device was the Nexus 7, which carries a 4325 mAh battery. Through multiple charge cycles, with the battery completely drained and the Nexus 7 turned off, I was able to consistently get a 67% charge from the myCharge. Not the full 6000 mAh capacity the myCharge boasts. I even e-mailed the great folks at myCharge and they promptly sent me a replacement in case there was something wrong with the original unit. The second time around, the end results were identical. (67% of 4325 mAh = 2898 mAh of total charge).

So, I thought maybe it was something specific to the Nexus 7 and moved on to the Galaxy Nexus. I was able to get two full charges from the myCharge on a completely drained, powered off, Galaxy Nexus. Capacity wise, this result was better, but still a far cry from the 6000 mAh capacity. (The Galaxy Nexus has a 1750 mAh battery. 1750×2= 3500 mAh total in charge).

Finally, I moved on to an iPhone, and that’s where the myCharge performs the best. I was able to get three full charges of a drained iPhone off of the 6000 mAh battery. The iPhone 4S has a 1450 mAh battery. 1450×3 = 4350 mAh in total charge.

myCharge PEAK 6000

Getting the most bang for your buck from an external battery is important, and while the total charging output of the myCharge Peak 6000 fell a bit short of expectations, it’s still a worthy investment. If you own an iOS device, you’re able to triple your battery and not have to worry about carrying around messy cables. The built-in wall charger is one of those features that you never thought of, but once you see it, you question why it wasn’t included in the first place — and that’s a good thing.

Retail price is $100, or you can get it off Amazon.com for around $65.

*Review sample provided by myCharge.

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