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Kensington KeyFolio Expert Keyboard

4 stars

Kensington KeyFolio Expert Bluetooth Keyboard

There’s much debate across the Internet when it comes to the iPad being a content creation device. One of the biggest hurdles that will need to be overcome for it to be considered a content created device is the lack of a physical keyboard.  I recently started leaving my MacBook Air home when traveling, taking only my iPad, I often times found myself missing a physical keyboard. Recently, I was able to get my hands on the Kensington KeyFolio Expert (henceforth will be referred to as simply, KeyFolio). Read on for our full review.


  • Easy to type on
  • Extra multimedia keys
  • Durable
  • Tremendous battery life
  • Multi angle


  • Keyboard rests on top of my iPad’s screen when closed
  • When folded, it’s much thicker than anticipated


I had always been resistive to trying a Bluetooth keyboard with the iPad. I always argued it took away, instead of enhancing, how the iPad was intended to be used. But, as I began traveling more and more with just my iPad, I started to warm up to the idea of using one.

Pairing the KeyFolio was a breeze with one-touch Bluetooth pairing. As was the case with the Jambox, if you’ve paired a Bluetooth headset to a cell phone, you’re already a pro at pairing the KeyFolio.

KeyFolio Expert Keyboard 2

The KeyFolio comes with your standard Mac keyboard layout, complete with Command, Option and Control keys. You’re also able to quickly control screen brightness, start a slideshow, launch Spotlight, control music playback as well as volume. In addition to the great media keys, you also have two keys you can set autocorrect shortcuts for, allowing you to quickly place text into a text field.

KeyFolio Expert Keyboard

The overall size and layout of the KeyFolio is similar to that of the Apple Wireless keyboard, just a tad smaller, making the adjustment to typing on it (and typing with speed) a small one. I did have a few occasions where key presses weren’t recognized, after forcing myself to slow down a bit when typing, it rarely happened.

One of the main benefits of using an external keyboard with the iPad is the fact that you regain the screen real estate normally taken up by the native virtual keyboard. This fits better with my workflow for writing posts, such as this one. In fact, I have written more posts on the KeyFolio since receiving it than I have on my iMac.

KeyFolio Expert Stand

There are plenty of viewing angle options with the KeyFolio. It comes with illustrations showing you at least 5 different angles, but with enough messing around, there’s plenty more to be had.

The battery life is listed as 68 hours of use or 45 days of standby. While the review period hasn’t been long enough for me to put both of those to the test, I can say the battery will hit the 68 hours of use, no problem. I’m very pleased with the battery life of the KeyFolio.

KeyFolio Expert Closed

I have two issues with the KeyFolio. The first one is that when it’s closed, the keyboard rests directly on top of my iPad’s screen. To me, this is just asking for my screen to get scratched. Anyone who knows me will tell you, I don’t handle scratched screens all that well.

KeyFolio Expert Closed 2

The second issue I have also has to do when the case is closed. It’s big. Bigger than I anticipated. The entire setup, when closed, is too thick for me to carry in my Incase bag. At that point, I might as well take my MacBook Air with me when traveling.

Not all is lost, though. I have been using the KeyFolio around the office as a means to get up and away from my desk. If I need to go to a meeting, or simply want to sit in a different spot for awhile, I can easily take it with me.

KeyFolio Expert 2

When it’s all said and done, I recommend the KeyFolio Expert to anyone in the market for a Bluetooth keyboard for their iPad. If you have a larger bag than I do, or are simply looking for an iPad “dock” type setup for around the house or office, you’ll enjoy this keyboard.

You can get the KeyFolio from Amazon.com for just under $70.

* Review sample provided by Kensington