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Color Splash Studio Splash Screen4 stars

When looking through the App Store, one thing is abundantly clear, there is no shortage of photo apps for iOS devices. Some apps are a huge hit and do a great job, while others aren’t as fortunate — be it regarding the former and/or the latter. I recently was sent a review copy of Color Splash Studio to see how it stacked up. Read on to find out more.


  • Easy to use
  • Photos look great
  • Plenty of sharing options


  • No iPad version

Color Splash Studio Layers Effects
Color Splash Studio allows you to import a photo from your camera, camera roll or Facebook account into the app. It will then apply one of three monochrome layers over the image. From there, you’re able to apply one of four different effects. All of which, sounds fine and can result in a good looking photo — but layers and effects aren’t where Color Splash Studio shines.

You can take a photo, apply the layer and filters, and the single out a particular object and removes the monochrome layer. The result, when done right, provides for a photo that really stands out.

Color Splash Studio

After deciding on a photo, you can zoom and move around the photo to edit only the pixels you want. Tapping on the Color or Grayscale (grayscale may be replaced by Sepia or Bluetone depending on what layer you have applied) will allow you to either reveal the true color, or add more of the monochrome layer to the photo.

Color Splash Studio Mailbox

As you move your finger over the photo, you’ll see a small box appear in the top-right or left corner (screenshots weren’t able to capture the preview box for some reason), showing you a zoomed-out preview of the area you are working on. You can see where I began to reveal the blue background color right above the word “States.”

You’re able to adjust brush size, opacity and diameter to get the best control over the brush based on your preference.

Color Splash Studio Sharing

Sharing a photo from within the app is simple. You have the option of sending to to the standard social networking sites in addition to sending it on a postcard, or importing it into yet another photo app.


Color Splash Studio is a great addition to my iPhone’s photography folder. It’s easy to use, and depending on the photo, can help create some great looking photos in just a few minutes. My main criticism is the fact there isn’t an iPad version of the app, which could take advantage of the bigger screen, not to mention Retina display on the new iPad. Then again, the Mac version of the app provides for a great user experience. For $1.99 it’s worth having in your photography folder as well.

You can download Color Splash Studio from the App Store today.

*Review copy of Color Splash Studio provided by MacPhun

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