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LunaTik LYNK

5 Stars

Minimal, a company who saw tremendous success on Kickstarter with its LunaTik and TikTok designs, hasn’t stopped creating. The latest product, the LunaTik LYNK, takes the iPod Nano wristwatch craze to another stylish level. I was fortunate enough to get the LunaTike LYNK on my wrist recently, and have to say I’m impressed. Having owned the LunaTik Blackout since its release, the LYNK takes on a good product and turns it into a great product.


  • Aluminum band translates to a light-weight product
  • Looks amazing
  • Easy to add/remove links
  • Silicone on the inside of the band makes wearing it all comfortable


  • Price

The LunaTik LYNK comes in two different colors. The review unit I was sent is the Blackout version. There is also a Silver version available, depending on your iPod Nano color and overall color preference. The band is made of aluminum on the outside, with a silicone lining to help keep the band comfortable on your wrist. When comparing it to the original LunaTik, which had a band made entirely of silicone, I found the LYNK to feel better on the wrist. The aluminum outside provides for a a stylish look, while silicone lining on the inside doesn’t irritate your wrist. With the LunaTik, often times I would have to take it off during the day due to it causing my wrist to sweat, thus making the band stick to my wrist.

The same aluminum frame holds your iPod Nano in place, preventing it from falling out of the band. The tools to place your iPod Nano into the frame are included with the LYNK. Total time to switch my Nano from one band to another was under five minutes.

The frame also provides for easy access to any necessary ports and/or buttons on your iPod Nano. Above you can see the standard 30-pin Apple connector, as well as the 3.5mm headphone jack.

As you can see, the frame also allows for easy access to the power/sleep button along with the volume up/down buttons.

I have a habit of opening this type of clasp while sitting around, during conversations or in meetings. Even after the countless, and pointless, times the clasp has been opened, there is no sign of play in the butterfly-style clasp.

Included with the LYNK are extra links, some tools and an extra screw should you lose one from the frame that holds your iPod Nano in place. To remove a link, or add an extra link, you only need a paperclip and a few seconds of your time. If you’ve ever ejected a SIM card tray from a smartphone, you’ll have no issues changing the size of your LYNK.

The only downside to the LunaTik LYNK is the price. The Blackout version will set you back $139.95 and the Silver edition will cost you $129.95. Luckily, you can grab either color scheme from Amazon and save yourself $30-$40, perhaps more if you’re using an Amazon Prime account.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier with the LYNK. It’s exactly what I wanted the original LunaTik to be, and then some. If I was asked to rate this on a scale of like it or love it, it would be a love it, hands down. Instead, I’ll stick to the traditional Techdad Review rating scale and give it a solid 5.

If you’re struggling to find a last minute Father’s Day gift, consider picking up the LYNK (keep in mind, you’ll still need an iPod Nano). If you order through the LunaTik Web site before June 17th be sure to use promo code Grads&Dads for 20% off. The only other product I think that could surpass it would be the upcoming Chicago Collection, complete with a leather band.

Available from Amazon.com.

* Review unit provided by Minimal