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OGIO Rivet Messenger Shoulder Bag

5 Stars
OGIO Rivet black

I have an affinity for bags of all shapes, sizes, and functions. For daily commute bags, I prefer a messenger-style bag that I can throw over my shoulder. My favorite bag at the moment happens to be an older OGIO bag called the Hip Hop. Looking through the 2012 lineup of OGIO bags, one of the bags that really stood out to me was the Rivet messenger bag.


  • designed to carry gadgets
  • removable shoulder strap
  • unique, canvas fabric
  • insulated drink pocket
  • comfortable to carry
  • grab handle for easy carrying
  • can be placed on rolling luggage


  • needs a couple of small zippered pockets

The Rivet uses a coated canvas material and seat belt straps to give the Rivet a unique look. It reminds me of a bag I wish I’d purchased, but never did. I saw the Oakley SI Computer Bag on the cable show, Dexter, and have wanted it ever since. The Oakley SI Computer bag is much larger and more of a tactical, military-style laptop bag, than the Rivet. The OGIO Rivet is a bit more practical, and probably a better fit for my style.

OGIO Rivet design

The Rivet’s design is unlike many bags I’ve seen, including OGIO’s own bags. The unique coated canvas material looks really nice. Also, the straps on the Rivet are a seat belt-like material. It gives it a stylish, yet durable appearance.

OGIO Rivet front

The shoulder strap is padded nicely with foam and is removable. OGIO’s other shoulder bags have the shoulder straps permanently stitched on. The Rivet and Emissary, I believe, are the only two bags that have the removable straps.

OGIO Rivet padded shoulder pad

The Rivet also has a reinforced grab handle that makes it easy to move around when getting in and out of cars, trains, or buses.

OGIO Rivet grab handle

The OGIO Rivet is 19.5-inches wide, 14-inches high, and 5.75-inches deep, with an overall capacity of 1350 cubic inches. The dedicated laptop pocket in the rear of the Rivet can fit up to 17-inch laptops. The pocket is lined in a nice, red-colored fleece. There’s also a slot where you can slide the handle of a rolling luggage through, to make carrying the Rivet a little easier in an airport or hotel lobby.

OGIO Rivet back

The flap of the Rivet has a small zippered pocket on the outside and a huge interior pocket that spans the entire flap.

The front of the Rivet has four fleece-lined main pockets. The tablet pocket is suitable for tablets of all sizes. I had no problem storing a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet or an Amazon Kindle in the pocket.

OGIO Rivet tablet pocket

The three smaller pockets are nice for items like, portable hard drives, smartphones, business cards, etc, but the middle pocket is unique. The middle pocket is a crush proof “tech vault” pocket, that is made specifically for fragile electronics. An iPhone 4S easily fit inside the tech vault, as did an HTC Droid Incredible 2.

OGIO Rivet tech vault

What you don’t see in the Rivet are pen slots. The Rivet is smartly-designed for the modern gadget freak (like me), so I see why the old-school pen slots were omitted. Still, I would’ve liked a couple of small, zippered pockets. Even with all my tech gear, I usually like to carry other things like, mints, bandages, lip balm, flash lights, and keys. A couple of smaller zippered pockets would’ve helped keep those items a little more organized.

The main Rivet compartment has a divider and a large zippered stash pocket. The main compartment is a decent size for storing things like, charging cables, files, books, and food.

Speaking of food, my favorite pocket on the Rivet might just be the insulated side pocket. The left side pocket is completely insulated so you can keep your drinks cool (or hot). The other side pocket is the same size and looks like it can store most laptop chargers or compact digital cameras.

OGIO Rivet insulated pocket

OGIO Rivet water bottle

OGIO Rivet side pocket

The OGIO Rivet is a larger, messenger-style work bag that has a unique, but professional look. The bag is comfortable to hold by hand or thrown over your shoulder. It has lots of storage space, but could use a couple of smaller, zippered pockets, to help keep smaller items better organized. The main laptop compartment can hold up to most 17-inch laptops and the tablet pocket easily holds tablets with screens, 10-inches and up. I also love the insulated pocket for beverages! The OGIO Rivet is really nice bag with good functionality and even better looks. It’s my favorite commuter bag right now and I highly recommend it.

Available from Amazon.com.

* Review sample provided by OGIO

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  1. Ed
    August 16th, 2012 at 23:21 | #1

    Those look interesting, but I’m not really up for modding my bags too much. I probably wouldn’t add velcro, but some of those pouches look like they’d be nice just to throw inside the bag as-is.

    I like ballistic nylon in general, since they tend to look nice and are durable, but I’ve recently been more open to different materials. I just have so many bags that it’s nice to have something that looks a little different. The canvas material is slightly rigid, so no, it does not collapse all that easily. I think it’d hold up well over time, but I can’t say for sure. But it’s the canvas material that drew me to the bag in the first place, so even if it’s not as durable as ballistic nylon, I’m inclined to say that it’d still be worth getting, if you like the way it looks.

  2. Zach
    August 15th, 2012 at 07:45 | #2

    Right you are about the Moleskin cases being a little on the expensive side. After a quick search on Amazon, I was able to find much cheaper (and maybe better) solutions…







    You take any one of these and either add velcro strips from Home Depot/Lowes, or gorilla glue or something like that, and bam you’ve got yourself a cheap quick & easy fix for your bag! There were several other types like this, but those seemed to be the best for the least $$.

    One question I had about the Rivet – I usually prefer ballistic nylon material (it lasts forever), how do you think the canvas would hold up? Is the bag on the stiffer side, or does it collapse easily?

  3. Ed
    August 15th, 2012 at 00:15 | #3

    Thank you for the compliment 🙂 Yes, I do like to be organized and like keeping smaller items isolated in separate pockets. The Booq bag you referred to looks nice and I like the organization pocket on there too. It reminds me a bit of my Timbuk2 commuter bag.

    The Moleskin cases look like a pretty good solution, but a bit on the expensive side. Still, having those would solve any problems with current and future bags that don’t have the pockets you want. If that was the only problem with a bag you liked, it’d definitely allow you to still get the bag without having to continue your search for the perfect bag.

    Thanks for your comments and for sharing Zach. Take care.


  4. Zach
    August 13th, 2012 at 20:59 | #4
  5. Zach
    August 13th, 2012 at 20:08 | #5

    Very nice review. Been wondering about this bag for awhile, deciding between it or the other new Ogio messengers. Tried the Bolt, too much bag for me, and too square sitting on the back. Also not enough internal pockets, like you said. Just tried out the Pagoda (Large) for a few weeks too, thought it had the sleekest look to it and loved the material… but again, way too boxy while wearing over your shoulder. It was so wide the sides would bump into doorways, too, partly because of the odd shoulder strap placement. And again, not enough internal pockets. (I’m sensing a theme here)… The mesh pocket on the inside is so enormous that to put only the intended charger cables in it would be a gross disservice to its size, yet putting anything else in just added to the clustered pile of tangled cables.

    I can tell you are just as much of a gadget freak as me, so you’re probably just as much an organization freak too 🙂 Completely relate to the frustration of not having enough pockets to put smaller things in… Ogio’s latest messengers seem to force putting everything in one large pocket. Which is totally the opposite of organization. Hopefully someone at Ogio listens to the complaints and adds some better so-called “deluxe organizer panels”.

    For a great example of what I’d consider ideal in that area, check out the Booq Boa Nerve (booqbags.com). Had the small when they still made that size and the thing still looks brand new- amazing quality, just like Ogio. Btw you can check out my review of the Pagoda at zappos.com.

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