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Samsung 256GB 830 Series SSD (MZ-7PC256N)

5 Stars
Samsung 830 Series SSD

Samsung hasn’t really been a big player in the consumer SSD market. Their SSD drives were well-known as reliable drives, but performance wasn’t really a characteristic that’d describe Samsung SSD drives. The 830 Series has changed all that by boosting performance, while still maintaining their reputation as rock-solid drives.


  • Blazing fast performance
  • Reliable from the get-go
  • Includes USB adapter for easy migration
  • Full version of Norton Ghost 15 included
  • Includes download code for Batman: Arkham City (for a limited time)


  • None

The Samsung 830 Series SSD drive comes with a USB adapter, a plastic spacer, Norton Ghost 15, Samsung’s SSD Magician software, and a download code for a free copy of Batman: Arkham City.

Samsung 830 Series SSD box front

Samsung 830 Series SSD contents

The 830 Series SSD is a 2.5-inch drive at a 7mm height, as opposed to the more prevalent 9.5mm. For compatibility, Samsung includes a plastic spacer that can be used to fit brackets or enclosures that might have issues with the 7mm height.

Samsung 830 Series SSD side

The top of the drive is brushed aluminum in black, with an orange label in the lower left-hand corner, designating the density of the drive. The plastic bottom of the 830 Series has the label with the usual drive info. It looks sharp and classy and I can imagine the aesthetics appealing to both professionals and enthusiasts. It’s too bad that it’ll be hidden inside a drive cage.

Samsung 830 Series SSD top

I’ve tested several great SandForce-based SSD drives over the past year. Samsung drives are beter-known as reliable drives and are one of two SSD manufacturers that Apple uses in their consumer laptops. I believe Toshiba is the other. Given that every part of the 830 Series is made by Samsung, it’s not surprising that they can make the drive extremely reliable. With the 830 Series SSD drives, Samsung aimed to not only make a reliable drive, but one that could compete in performance, with other enthusiast SSDs on the market. After a few months of testing, I was bummed to have to send it back.

The Samsung 830 Series 256GB SSD drive is an incredibly fast and reliable drive. Its read performance was as good as any SandForce-based SSD I’d tested and outperformed them all in sequential write speeds.

Samsung 830 Series SSD CrystalDiskMark

Samsung 830 Series SSD AS SSD

Boot speeds also improved from 47 seconds on a mechanical drive to just 23 seconds with the 830 Series.

The full version of Norton Ghost 15 is a nice touch for users who want to easily migrate their old drives to the 830 Series.

I also found a lot of value in the Samsung Magician software, which includes a nice set of useful utilities.

Samsung SSD Magician 3.1

I can’t recall another SSD drive bundling a PC game, but Batman: Arkham City is no slouch of a game. It’s a great, modern game and a nice way to round out the 830 Series bundle.

Samsung 830 Series SSD Batman download

The Samsung 830 Series 256GB SSD drive is, let’s just say it: fast as hell. Samsung also has a history of having one of the most reliable drives available on the market. That should be enough to entice any business user or enthusiast to want this drive in their system. If that’s not enough, consider that it also has a sleek appearance and is bundled with some great software. This package is too hard to pass up and if you’re looking for a new SSD drive, I can’t recommend the 830 Series enough.

Available from Amazon.com.

* Review unit loaned by Samsung

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