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Travelpro Crew 8 20-inch Rollaboard

4 stars

When my wife began traveling a lot for work, I originally bought her a carry-on bag from Eddie Bauer. During her flights, she noticed that the crew were mostly carrying bags made by Travelpro. When it was time to replace her Eddie Bauer bag, I got her a Travelpro Crew 22″ Rollaboard. She’s taken that bag on numerous domestic and international flights now for nearly 10 years and she swears by it. The Crew 8 is Travelpro’s current line of luggage made for business and frequent travelers and they’re still great bags.


  • Professional appearance
  • 20-inch carry-on includes a business organizer
  • Durable build quality
  • Wheels roll well and easily
  • 2.5-inch expansion
  • Good value


  • Zippers could be a little smoother
  • Retractable handle seems flimsier than older models

According to the sizing guide by eBags, a 20-inch rolling luggage is suitable for trips of 1-2 days. The 20-inch Travelpro Crew 8 Business Rollaboard is 20 inches high, 14 inches wide, 9 inches deep and weights 8.7 pounds. The main compartment can also be expanded by another 2.5 inches.

The first pocket in the front of the bag goes very deep and can hold several magazines, books, files, etc. The second pocket is a full-featured business organizer. It’s great for storing your laptop, pens, and accessories. It allows you to keep your laptop bag at home so you can travel with less bags, or if you’d rather carry a small duffel bag.

Travelpro Crew  8 20-inch organizer

The main compartment is lined and big enough for short trips of 1-2 days. The zippers on the Crew 8 Rollaboard worked pretty well, but it was a little tougher to operate than I expected. It’s possible that they’ll “break in” after a few weekend trips, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Travelpro Crew  8 20-inch inside1

Travelpro Crew  8 20-inch inside2

There’s also a pocket on the left side of the bag that can hold small water bottles.

Travelpro Crew  8 20-inch water pocket

The overall capacity of the Crew 8 20-inch Rollaboard is great for the size and the business organizer is a nice addition, but the older Rollaboards had a fairly large rear pocket, that my wife really liked, but is missing from the newer bags.

The exterior of the Travelpro Crew 8 Rollaboard is made out of durable 1050D micro-ballistic nylon. I’m not sure if it’s the same material as their older bags, but my wife’s old Travelpro has worn nicely and still looks great.

Travelpro Crew  8 20-inch front

The Crew 8 Rollaboard also rolls easily, due to the ball-bearing wheels, which is waterproof and removable. Should you need to replace the wheels, all you’ll need is a screwdriver to replace them.

Travelpro Crew  8 20-inch wheels

The Crew 8 Rollaboard also has crash protection points in the rear and bottom of the bag to protect its contents and the bag itself.

Travelpro Crew  8 20-inch rear

Travelpro Crew  8 20-inch bottom

The handle is comfortable to hold and easy to use at its 38-inch or 43-inch heights. Compared to my wife’s older Rollaboard, however, the handle felt a bit flimsy, though it’s rated at over 15,000 cycles.

Travelpro Crew  8 20-inch handle

The Crew 8 Rollaboard also comes with a name tag (but no plastic cover), TSA-approved combination luggage lock, and an add-a-bag strap for extra convenience.

Travelpro Crew  8 20-inch accessories

The Travelpro Crew 8 20-inch Rollaboard is a great bag and one that I’m sure will be popular for many travelers. For the business traveler, the organizer with laptop sleeve is a great convenience. The clean, professional appearance is also great for those who prefer that design over something garish. My only real concern with the Crew 8 Rollaboard was the somewhat flimsy handle, but with a limited lifetime warranty, it definitely wasn’t a huge concern. If you’re looking for a nice, professional rolling luggage, take a look at the Crew 8 by Travelpro.

Available from Amazon.com.

* Review sample provided by Travelpro

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