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myCharge Portable Power Bank 6000

4 stars

When I’m traveling one thing I constantly obsess about is a way to ensure my devices have enough battery to get through the day for me. Carrying a charger around and aimlessly looking for the nearest outlet to top off my smartphone can be embarrassing, as well as draining (no pun intended).  Thankfully, accessories like the myCharge Portable Power Bank 6000 exist.


  • Lightweight
  • Support for nearly any type of device
  • USB charging port for devices not supported by a 30-pin, micro-USB or mini-USB connectors
  • Can charge devices while charging the device itself


  • Charging capacity varied
  • Would like to see a thinner device with same capacity

The Portable Power Bank 6000 is a lightweight, portable, battery that will charge your devices on the go. The 6000 in the name stands for 6000mAh, the capacity of the internal battery, which is about four times that of the iPhone 4S (1432mAh). With that in mind, the largest myCharge unit boasts the ability to charge your smartphone up to four times.

 In the packaging for the myCharge Portable Power Bank 6000, you’ll get one unit and a micro-USB cable to charge the device. You can plug it into your PC or any USB charging adapter to charge it. When plugged into your PC, you can still sync an Apple device with iTunes, however, I couldn’t get my Galaxy Nexus to be recognized by my computer when plugged in the same way.

The myCharge Portable Power Bank 6000 comes equipped with a micro-USB, mini-USB and 30-pin Apple connectors for charging nearly any device. If a device you have requires a different type of connector, and has a USB cord to charge with, there’s also an empty USB port to charge from.

There’s a status bar to indicate how much of a charge is left on the myCharge unit. When charging it, the lights will remain lit until it’s fully charged.  When charging a device off of the myCharge unit, you can press the small button next to the lights to see get a status update on the remaining charge of the myCharge Portable Power Bank 6000.

You can charge multiple devices at the same time, without issue. I found that the 6000mAh battery in the myCharge unit would charge my iPhone 4S roughly two and a half to three times — not quite the four charges advertised.

The myCharge Portable Power Bank 6000 retails for $99.99 on the myCharge site, but can be picked up from Amazon for just below $55. It’s a great deal for someone who travels a lot, or someone who obsesses about having their devices fully charged. Even though I didn’t quite get the advertised four charges out of the device, I would highly recommend it. The light weight combined with the ability to charge nearly any type of modern device makes it a gadget every tech-addict must have.

Available from Amazon.com.

*Review unit provided by myCharge

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  1. October 12th, 2016 at 16:04 | #1

    Hi Jason,

    Generally speaking, the charging time depends on the charger you use, for a normal 2A charger, the time is calculated as: 6000 mAh / 2000 mA = 3 hours.

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