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Corsair Accelerator Series 60GB SSD Cache Drive

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5 Stars
Corsair Accelerator SSD

I use SSD drives on all my systems because they make my computers fly––even my 4-year-old Core2 Duo laptop. But I understand that not everyone can justify the cost of an SSD drive, even as SSD drives keep dropping in price. If you’re stuck using your mechanical drive, Corsair has a solution that will make you smile.


  • Inexpensive
  • Simple installation
  • Huge performance gains
  • Includes 3.5-inch adapter


  • None

The Corsair Accelerator SSD cache drives work with your existing mechanical drive, without having to migrate your data or having to reinstall Windows 7. And they’re relatively inexpensive too. After running the drive for a couple of weeks, I came away extremely impressed.

Corsair Accelerator box

Installing the Corsair Accelerator drive is almost as easy as installing RAM. After mounting it in your PC case (3.5-inch adapter included), just plug in the power and SATA cable, then boot your PC.

Corsair Accelerator with mounting plate

After booting your system back up, you download the caching software (Dataplex by NVELO) from Corsair’s website and run the install. Once installed, you’re good to go. There’s nothing else to configure or setting to change. You just let Dataplex do its thing in the background.

NVELO Dataplex

Performance with and without the Accelerator SSD cache drive was like night and day. I noticed the improvement almost immediately. Using AS SSD as my benchmark tool, my drive performance jumped from 20, to 267.

AS SSD benchmark after Corsair Accelerator

For some real-world benchmarks, I also tested Windows 7 boot times and application load times.

Corsair Accelerator load times

My system’s boot time improved from 62 seconds to 31 seconds and every application I tested, improved as well, including Batman Arkham City from 42 seconds to 29 seconds and Photoshop Elements from 25 seconds to just 7 seconds!

Running the Corsair Accelerator SSD cache drive will improve your system performance significantly––no question. If you’re stuck using a mechanical drive, give the Accelerator drive a try. It’s easy to install and is a cost-effective way to boost system performance without spending a lot.

Available from Amazon.com.

* Review unit provided by Corsair

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