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Corsair Vengeance M90 Performance MMO Gaming Mouse

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5 Stars
Corsair M90 Gaming Mouse

There’s a new player in gaming peripherals. Corsair, the maker of enthusiast memory, enclosures, and other PC components, has two new sets of gaming mice and keyboards for the hard-core gamer. The M90 is Corsair’s corded, MMO and RTS-geared mouse. In general, I’m not a big fan of corded mice and haven’t had one since the Logitech G9, but after spending a couple of weeks with the M90, it’s become my primary mouse.


  • High-performance laser sensor (5700 DPI)
  • Very comfortable
  • 15 buttons (9 macro buttons)
  • Store up to 6 profiles to on-board memory
  • Great for all types of games and as everyday mouse
  • Excellent build and finish
  • PTFE glide pads ensure super-smooth movements
  • Tangle-free cord


  • Lacks weight system

There was a time when I kept two mice for my system––an everyday mouse and a gaming mouse. I eventually got rid of the Logitech G9 and MX Revolution and used the cordless Logitech G700 for everything. So, why is the G700 back in its box?

Corsair M90 contents

The main reason why the M90 is now my primary mouse is because of comfort. Some gaming mice, like the Logitech G9 and Microsoft SideWinder X5, aren’t the most comfortable mice around. The G700 was a good compromise, but the Corsair M90 is more comfortable and performs even better.

Corsair M90 top

The soft-touch coating on the top of the M90 feels nice to touch and is comfortable, while the grippier, sandpaper-like coating on the right side makes it easier to hold and lift. The M90 is on the heavier side though, and it lacks a weight system for fine-tuning it. That said, I didn’t find the weight to be troublesome during everyday use or for long gaming sessions(4+ hours).

Corsair M90 right

The M90 also doesn’t have a dramatic slope, which allows my smallish hand to rest comfortably on the mouse and easily press the left and right mouse buttons. The scroll wheel also works well and is one of the best I’ve ever used, though I still prefer the hyper-fast scroll wheel by Logitech. The programmable buttons by the thumb are mostly easy to reach and press, but some of the ones near the front of the mouse are a just a tad harder. The DPI buttons are located on the top left corner of the mouse and require me to lift my hand to get to them. I actually prefer them out of the way a little bit so that I don’t accidentally hit them in the middle of a game. The DPI buttons are fantastic for when I want to switch between normal use (2400DPI), gaming(3500DPI), and Photoshop(800DPI).

Corsair M90 left

Corsair M90 front

The performance characteristics on the M90 are the standard fair for high-end gaming mice. It has a 5700DPI laser sensor, 1ms/1000Hz polling, and tracking of up to 30g acceleration. One feature I’d never seen before in a mouse is lift-detection. With software, you can tune the lift-off distance between the mouse and mousing surface, so when you inevitably lift the mouse during use, the cursor or crosshairs won’t move out of place. Also, the replaceable gliding pads on the bottom of the M90 are a good size and make moving the mouse around very smooth and effortless.

Corsair M90 bottom

The M90 is a good mouse for MMO and RTS gamers because of the 15 programmable buttons, with 9 serving as macro buttons. Programming them is easy to do from the M90 software. The macro buttons by the thumb make a soft click when you press them and are reasonably easy to press. You’ll likely need some time to get used to their placement though, since they’re located so close together.

Corsair M90 software

The M90 also supports up to 50 profiles via software, or up to 6 in on-board memory. A small sliver of blue LEDs next to the thumb buttons indicate which on-board profile the mouse is using.

Corsair M90 angle

The chassis of the M90 is machined out of a single piece of aluminum, which helps give it an overall sense of durability and quality. The left and right mouse button switches are also rated for up to 8 million operations. Add in the gold-plated USB connectors and the tangle-free cord and what you’ve got is a mouse that exudes quality.

Corsair M90 USB plug

I’m fairly picky about mice and keyboards and I think most power users and gamers are too. The M90 is a great gaming mouse and even if I weren’t a gamer, I’d still like the M90. It’s extremely comfortable, has top-of-the-line performance, and what I like to call, “Corsair-grade” build quality. The icing on the cake is that it’s reasonably priced at under $70 at most retailers. If you’re looking for a top-notch mouse, gaming or otherwise, I’d strongly recommend looking at the Corsair M90; it’s a helluva mouse.

Available from Amazon.com.

* Review unit provided by Corsair

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