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OGIO Invader 26-inch Upright Luggage (Stealth)

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5 Stars

OGIO Invader 26-inch

OGIO makes some of the best bags in the world. Their golf bags are well-respected among PGA pros and amateurs alike. In my opinion, they also make some of the best luggage bags. I recently had the opportunity to use the OGIO Invader 26-inch upright luggage bag during a week-long trip and came away very impressed.


  • Attractive appearance
  • Spacious interior and pockets
  • Durable, 1680 denier polyester exterior
  • Strategically placed handles for easy lifting
  • Easy-to-use retractable handle
  • Smooth in-line skate wheels
  • Expandable for another two inches of depth
  • Great overall value


  • Doesn’t come with a luggage tag

Around the holidays, I began planning for a 6-day trip to Las Vegas for my first Consumer Electronics Show (CES). I initially thought that a standard 20-inch carry-on or possibly a 22-inch would suffice. I quickly realized that there was no way a carry-on was going to fit the amount of clothing required for my trip. I needed to pack enough clothing for both day-time activities, as well as slightly more formal evening events. I turned to the OGIO Invader 26-inch for my trip to CES and it worked out perfectly.

Las Vegas

The 26-inch Invader is 26 inches high, 16 inches wide, and 10-12 inches deep. The top pocket is one of three that are located on the front, and contains another mesh zippered pocket, to keep smaller items from getting lost. The large, lower pocket is large enough to keep a stack of magazines or file folders.

OGIO Invader-front

The lined interior compartment of the 26-inch Invader has a padded garment sleeve and straps to keep your clothing nice and tidy. Running the length of both sides are also zippered pockets for hiding away small items. On the lid, there are two large zippered pockets. The top lid-pocket is a perfect size for shoes and is molded so that the pocket doesn’t just collapse onto the contents. The lower, laundry lid-pocket is molded as well.

OGIO Invader-interior

Here’s an inventory of what I packed inside the OGIO 26-inch Invader:

  • 2 polo shirts
  • 4 t-shirts
  • 2 button-down shirts
  • 6 undershirts
  • 6 pairs of boxer shorts
  • 6 pairs of black crew socks
  • 2 pairs of jeans
  • 1 pair of khakis
  • 1 formal evening jacket
  • 4 thin hoodie sweaters
  • 1 full toiletry bag
  • 1 Timbuk2 messenger bag

OGIO Invader at airport

On my return trip, as usual, I came back with more items than I left with. The expandable design netted me another two full inches in depth, which easily accommodated the added contents.

OGIO Invader-expandable

The OGIO Invader has a distinctive look and is easy to spot when you’re waiting for it on the conveyor belt at baggage claim. The waffle design of the front pocket, the OGIO logos on the lid and the slightly angular crest, give the Invader a look all its own, even in stealth (black). Among the sea of boring luggage, the Invader’s design is refreshing without being pretentious.

OGIO Invader-front angle

As great as the Invader looks, without common-sense functionality, it’d be pointless. Fortunately, the Invader works as well as it looks, which is why I love the Invader so much. It has grab handles on all four sides AND two on the front exterior. From most any position, the Invader is easy to lift.

OGIO Invader-back

The large in-line skate wheels roll smoothly and get up and down airport curbs with ease. The retractable handle pulls out with little effort and has a solid feel to it. Other design elements, like the smart, easy-to-grip zipper pulls and reinforced corners, put the finishing touches on this smartly designed and functional bag. The only thing that I expected, but wasn’t included, is a plastic ID/luggage tag to use in the ID pocket.

OGIO Invader-wheelsOGIO Invader-retractable handleOGIO Invader-reinforcedOGIO Invader-ID pocket

The Invader comes in 18, 22, 26, and 30-inch sizes, in both stealth and bluebinski patterns.

OGIO Invader-logo

The OGIO Invader is a premium bag without the premium price. Its unique styling, durable build, and smart design, make it a terrific choice for those looking for something a little different, without sacrificing functionality. I highly recommend the Invader by OGIO.

Available from Amazon.com.

* Review sample provided by OGIO.

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