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Kensington SecureBack Security Case for iPad 2

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5 Stars
Kensington SecureBack for iPad2
Would you leave $500 in cash, your social security card, driver’s license and your credit cards on the table at a cafe while you go use the bathroom, or on your seat at the airport gate to speak with a ticket agent? Of course not, and you wouldn’t leave your expensive iPad with all your personal data on it either. Would you? To address the lack of security solutions for iPads, Kensington created the SecureBack Security Case, that allows you to secure your iPad 2 quickly and easily.


  • Easy to install
  • Very easy to lock
  • Lightweight
  • 2-way built-in stand
  • All ports accessible


  • Somewhat flimsy hinge on stand

Kensington SecureBack packaging

Installing the SecureBack Case is very simple. The case consists of three pieces and the ClickSafe lock. The thinner top piece slides right onto the top of your iPad, while the larger bottom portion slides in from the bottom. The last piece is the grey part that slides in-between the two white pieces and goes over the security anchor. Removing the case is fairly easy as well.

The case itself appears well-built and durable. It provides scratch and bump protection on the back and all the sides, though obviously, the screen has no protection whatsoever. Using the iPad 2 with the case on it was issue-free. The case has openings for all the ports, leaving access to the speakers, camera, volume buttons, etc. It felt good in my hands and not slippery or awkward.

SecureBack speaker and 30-pin port

Built into the case, is a 2-way stand, which I found really useful. The larger, more vertical angle, is a great way to watch a movie or use FaceTime. The short tilt angle, is nice for typing, browsing and general use. The hinge for the stand does seem a bit flimsy to me, but from my own past experiences with Kensington support, they’ll stand behind their product and take care of you should an issue arise. The case, of course, is an extension of the locking mechanism that keeps your iPad 2 secure.

Kensington SecureBack frontKensington SecureBack back

The innovative ClickSafe lock attaches to the security anchor on the case with a simple push. The lock clicks on easily and can be removed with the included keys. The ClickSafe lock is very convenient, because you don’t need to fumble with keys to lock it. If you’re in a rush, just push the lock in and go. Keep in mind that the case and lock are only theft deterrents. If a thief is determined enough, they’ll probably be able to steal your device, no matter what lock you have on it. But most thefts of devices like phones, laptops, and tablets, are usually thefts of opportunity. They want to snag your iPad and run. Unless they’re carrying around bolt cutters, it’s highly unlikely that a thief will put in the effort to try and circumvent the SecureBack Case and ClickSafe lock.

Kensington SecureBack locked

Kensington SecureBack security anchorKensington ClickSafe lock

The Kensington SecureBack Case for iPad 2 is a great way to secure your iPad 2. It’s easy to use and works well as a deterrent for would-be thieves. If your circumstances require the ability to lock your iPad 2, I can’t think of a better way to do it than using the SecureBack Case.

Available from Amazon.com for about $60.

* Review unit provided by Kensington

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