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Incipio iPad feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case

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5 Stars- techdad

Incipio iPad Feather case

You might be surprised to learn that Incipio has been around for 12 years. Based out of Irvine, CA, Incipio is a leading manufacturer of 3rd party accessories for Apple products, as well as other popular mobile gadgets. The iPad feather Ultralight Hard Shell Case is one of 13 iPad cases made by Incipio!


  • Great protection for the back of the iPad
  • Makes the iPad easier to grip
  • Very light weight
  • Nice selection of colors


  • Difficult to install screen protector


Incipio feather iPad case boxWhat's included in the Incipio feather iPad case


Make no mistake, the feather case doesn’t protect the iPad screen from impact, though a self-adhesive screen protector is included to protect against scratches. This is by design, so if you’re looking for something that provides more protection for the screen, you should consider getting something else entirely, or perhaps using a combination of cases.
Incipio feather iPad case (bottom)
What the feather case does protect, is the back of the iPad. If you think about it, the back is where most of the damage is likely to occur during normal usage. The feather case also protects the left and right sides but leaves space for easy access to buttons and switches. The top and bottom are completely uncovered, except for the corners. This allows the iPad to dock with most docking cradles with the feather case left on.
Incipio feather iPad case (right side)
The screen protector that’s included with the feather case is difficult to install. It appears to be too large. No matter how hard I tried to line it up, either the top or the bottom went too far off the edge of the glass, making it impossible to remove the air bubbles from the edges.


The feather case is solidly constructed and fits perfectly around the iPad. Though the case is made out of a strong but light polymer material, it has a nice soft feel to it due to a soft coating. It made holding onto the iPad a lot easier than without it. I also like that it doesn’t create a lot of static, which keeps dust and lint from sticking to the feather case. It comes in black, magenta, purple, charcoal, and frost.
Incipio feather iPad case (front)
Incipio feather iPad case (back)


The Incipio iPad feather case is the perfect case for the minimalist. If you want to give your iPad a little bit of protection against scratches and impact but still want it to look great, give the Incipio feather case a try. Just keep in mind that there’s no real screen protection so you might want to add a pouch/sleeve for traveling or storage.

Available from Amazon.com.
or directly from Incipio.

Review unit courtesy of Incipio Technologies

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