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Sunex 9930M Metric Stubby 10 Piece Combination Wrench Set

2 Stars- techdad
Sunex Stubby Wrench Set

I needed a stubby wrench set because my kitchen faucet kept getting loose and the wrenches in my tool collection were all too large to work with underneath the kitchen sink. I did a quick search on Amazon and this set seemed reasonably priced for a 10-piece combination set and even came with a roll bag. I would have preferred the Craftsman set, but I couldn’t justify the $65 so I took the plunge on a brand I’d never heard of. Have you heard of Sunex? If not, you might want to take note, because I’d avoid them if possible.

Sunex Stubby roll bagSunex Stubby 19mm Wrench

The roll bag is a nice nylon bag and keeps all the wrenches neatly organized and in place. It uses a long velcro tie to keep the bag securely closed. The combo wrenches are a convenient size for working in tight spaces and appear to be machined well. I was able to complete my job under the kitchen sink without much of a fuss. Unfortunately, when I was inspecting them later to write this review, I painfully found out that Sunex may want to review their manufacturing process.

Sunex Stubby Wench Set unrolled

Not all, but a few of the wrenches near the box end had exposed jagged metal. It’s as if someone took a saw and tried to cut a piece of it. I snagged my thumb on it and it hurt like heck. As soon as I realized that it was more than one of the pieces that had this flaw, I packed it back up to send back to Amazon.

It’s possible I got a bad batch of wrenches, but I’m not willing to give them another try. I’ll try another inexpensive brand first, but if those have similar issues, I may have to bite the bullet and go with the tried and true Craftsman.

Available from Amazon.com.

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