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Munchkin 5 BPA Free Cup Set

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5 Stars- techdad

Munchkin 5 BPA Free Cup Set

I originally selected the Munchkin 5 Multi Cups set as a filler for another item I was ordering. I wanted to reach the $25 single order minimum from Amazon’s Baby store so that I could get an additional free month of Amazon Prime shipping as part of the Amazon Mom program. As it turns out, I probably should have ordered these long ago on their own merit.

My oldest daughter has graduated to using cups while my youngest still relies mostly on sippy cups. We realized that our cupboard was very disorganized because of all the different types of sippy cups and small kid cups we had. My daughter loved her Disney Princess cups that her awesome auntie would get for her when returning from Disneyland. The problem was they were often different styles and weren’t stackable. Our cupboard was a mess of sippy cups, kid cups, snack cups and water bottles. The Munchkin Cup set allowed us to throw out a few cups and put a few away for special occasions.

Munchkin Cup Set Stacked

These BPA Free 8 ounce cups are perfect for toddlers. The fish aquarium design is cute and the different colors allow for easy identification as to who’s cup is who’s. If your kids have the same favorite color though, you might want to consider getting two sets. The quality of the cups are solid. They don’t have a ton of flex on the sides when you squeeze them, like the disposable-style cups and are very easy to wash because of the tapered shape and shallow depth. Of course, they’re also top rack dishwasher safe if you don’t hand wash. Also, it is NOT recommended that you boil or steam sterilize these cups.

I long for the day that I no longer have any sippy cups left in our cupboard with those pain the rear valves to clean that always seem to get lost. For the price of a single sippy cup, you get 5 Munchkin cups that toddlers can easily grasp. A great buy for less than $4 and highly recommended.

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