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Logitech Gaming Headset G330

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3 Stars- techdad
Logitech Gaming Headset G330

The Logitech G330 gaming headset has been out for over a year and is one of 6 headsets that Logitech markets for gaming. It sits somewhere around the middle of their lineup, just below the 3 headed monster of the G35, G930 and F540 (console). Logitech markets the G330 as being comfortable with a great microphone. But what about sound quality?


  • Very comfortable
  • USB adapter adds flexibility
  • Good mic


  • Mediocre sound quality
  • Inline control weighs cord down
  • Only 1 year warranty

I normally use a pair of Sennheiser HD 555 headphones on my computer for most music, games, and movie watching. During daylight hours, I have a pair of Logitech Z-2300 2.1 THX speakers for fun. What I didn’t have was a headset for use with Skype. I got the G330 with the hopes that I would be able to use it as my multipurpose go-to.

I have always found the behind-the-head style headphones to be comfortable. The pivoting ear pads on the G330 helps to relieve pressure and the silicone-lined adjustable head/neck band is light and flexible. Compared to heavy standard headphones, the G330 feels like a feather. I wore it for a 140 minute DVD movie and felt zero discomfort.

In most of Logitech’s marketing, they barely mention anything about high quality sound or use any positive adjective about the G330’s sound, except for “more accurate.” There’s a reason for that. Even Logitech knows that sound quality is not the G330’s forte. In general, it sounded pretty flat with weak bass. I normally like a flat response for accurate reproduction of music, sound, effects, etc, but the G330 definitely could use some form of sound improvement. The USB adapter, which Logitech recommends using, did improve bass, but sacrificed the mids and highs, which I didn’t like. For comparison, I plugged my Sennheiser HD 555 into the USB adapter and it did the same thing to them. It boosted the bass but made a mess out of the highs. I do like the idea of USB audio, which in theory, improves sound quality by bypassing noisy internal electronics of computers. It’s too bad that the G330 sounds mediocre.

The noise-canceling boom mic worked surprisingly well. The mic is attached to the left ear cup and swivels for optimal positioning. The mic also bends so you can bend it closer to your face. When using Skype, the person on the other end could hear me well with no noticeable hiss. When I would swap from using my laptop’s built-in mic to the G330, I was told it was like night and day. I would expect that to be the case if for no other reason than the G330 mic is mere inches from my face whereas the laptop mic is typically at least a foot away.

Attached to the headset’s cord, is an inline control module for volume and mic mute. I generally don’t like having inline controls for use on my computer because there are already too many places for volume levels to be set. The inline control piece on the G330 is also rather heavy and tended to yank down on the cord more than I would have liked.

There is also a non-removable velcro strap attached to the headset’s cord for easy storage and for wrapping excess cable length.

I would say that for the cost, the Logitech Gaming Headset G330 is a pretty good headset for calls and moderate gaming. It adds some flexibility by adding a USB adapter and is extremely comfortable to wear. I just wish the overall sound quality was better so I could actually enjoy listening to music and watching movies with it. I am hopeful that Logitech will release a G430 or something, that retains the flexibility and comfort of the G330 but greatly improves the sound quality. Now THAT, folks, would be a winner.

Available at Amazon.com.

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