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Linksys by Cisco Cable Modem

December 7th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments
5 Stars- techdad

For years, I refused to rent a modem from Comcast and had purchased my own modems.  I even recommended them to family members and friends.  I had read from various sources that Motorola made the best cable modems so I always stuck with them.  However, the Cisco-Linksys CM100 recently began to get very favorable reviews from techies and non-techies alike.  I made the leap to my first non-Motorola cable modem and I’m so very glad I did.


  • Reliable
  • Excellent value
  • Small form factor
  • Doesn’t run overly hot
  • Easy installation
  • None

Upon opening the box, I was quite surprised at just how small this little guy was.  Installing it was a breeze.  The rear of the modem is clearly labeled and color-coded.  After attaching the power cable, Ethernet cable, and coax, I gave Comcast a call to provide the MAC address of the modem and I was soon in business.


It has been 3 months straight now and throughput has been great and I have had no service interruptions as a result of the modem.  It doesn’t run as hot as some modems so you can get away with stacking these on top of a wireless router.  However, if your router runs hot, I don’t recommend you stack the modem on it as the heat from the router might damage the CM100 over time.


The only feature that this modem doesn’t have that I miss from Motorola modems is the physical “Standby” button that halted all activity.  Aside from that however, I don’t miss the Motorola one bit.  It’s practically half the price, is smaller, more attractive and just as reliable.  For a DOSCSIS 2.0 modem, there really is no need to get anything else.  The Cisco-Linksys CM100, IS your best choice for performance and value.  I’ve already begun recommending the CM100 to my friends and family.

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