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Zowie G-TF "Spawn" Cloth E-Sport Mouse Pad

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4 Stars- techdad

The Zowie G-TF gaming mouse pad is endorsed by noted Swedish gamer, “SpawN” and features speed mousing over a cloth material, rather than PVC. It is enormous in size and provides ideal features for gaming.


  • Large mousing surface
  • Smooth and fast
  • Durable
  • Water resistant
  • Non-slip rubber base
  • Pricey

When Gamespot, an old vendor connection I had, provided me with my very first gaming mouse pad, I was only beginning my foray into heavy FPS gaming (think Unreal Tournament and Half-Life).  That mouse pad was made out of a PVC material (plastic) and was textured for easy gliding.  At the time, the best mice were optical, and I had a dual-optical Logitech mouse.  Needless to say, that combination allowed me to frag my share of foes and become very very good at UT.  Fast forward ~10 years.

The idea behind the PVC mouse pads of yesteryore was to provide a slick gliding surface for mice.  Then came the large surface areas to allow wide swipes of the mouse without running out of space.  Alas, the hard PVC surfaces were not that comfortable but there were no other options until recently.  Now we have manufacturers who have combined the comfort and convenience of cloth mouse pads with the performance and large surface area of PVC pads.  Also keep in mind that we are two generations removed from optical technology, having passed laser only recently with Blue Track from Microsoft and Darkfield laser from Logitech.  These tracking advances have probably contributed to gaming far greater than any mouse pad before or since.

The Zowie G-TF cloth mouse pad is very good for gamers and I highly recommend it.  I have used it with my Logitech G9 gaming mouse (laser) as well as a Microsoft Darkfield laser mouse.  Both mice glide nice and smooth and the cloth feels nice on the wrists.  The special coating is water resistant as well.  The edges are rolled and triple stitched for durability and comfort.  The surface area is enormous and can fit the largest of laptops on top of it with room to spare.  When I initially looked at it and was gathering my thoughts for the review, my eyes wandered to my cloth drink coaster on my desk and could not help but think that the mouse pad was essentially a high tech drink coaster 🙂  Except that the G-TF will help you become fragtastic!

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