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Seidio Innocase Holster Case Combo for Motorola Droid

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5 Stars- techdad

I have had my Droid since Day 1 on launch day and have been looking for the perfect case the entire time. I had the black silicone snap-on case from Verizon and liked it initially but fell out of love for several reasons. I finally stumbled on the Seidio Innocase Surface and it is PERFECT. Forget everything else, this is THE case to own for the Motorola Droid.


  • Perfect fit (no gaps)
  • Easy to install AND to remove
  • Provides extra grip around the Droid
  • Perfect cutouts
  • Durable plastic material w/soft coating
  • Does not pick up lint
  • Easy to place Droid in and out of holster
  • Belt clip allows 7 angles of adjustment


  • A bit pricey

The best part of the Seidio Innocase is the perfect fit and solid build.  The cutouts for volume, camera, power, microUSB port, headphone jack, mic, camera lens, and speaker are spot on perfect.  My old Verizon snap-on cover covered all the buttons so it wasn’t easy to always get a good feel for where the buttons were.  My old case also covered all but a 3rd of the speaker on the back, which I never could figure out why.  The Innocase reveals the entire rear speaker.  The plastic snap-on case by Seidio is coated with a soft material so that it almost feels like a rubber case.  I had Seidio cases for my old Blackberry Curve as well.

I also like the top part because it’s rigid enough that when I swipe the screen from side to side, the sides of the case do not flex.  My old VZW case flexed so much that it felt like it would eventually come off.  The cutout for the mic is also done very nicely and I hope it improves the audio quality as I had problems sounding muffled with the VZW case.  The entire case is also very easy to install and also to remove.  I nearly bought the OEM Body Glove case but read a LOT of complaints about how difficult it was to remove and how it added significant bulk.

The holster is great to have because you can choose to use the Seidio case without it and just throw the phone in your pocket or use the holster on your belt with the case still on.  It’s nice for when you need to dress a little nicer and don’t want to have a bulge in your pocket.  The spring clip makes it super easy to place the Droid in and out of the holster and the screen faces in to protect it.  The inner portion of the holster has a soft felt material to protect it from scratches.  I myself have an InvisibleSHIELD screen protector on so I’m fine either way.  The Seidio case fits around the InvisibleSHIELD without any issues.

The Seidio Innocase Surface case for the Motorola Droid is absolute perfection.  You can really tell that a lot of thought went into the design.  It is also very slim and adds only the tiniest amount of extra bulk. If you wish you could keep your Droid naked, but don’t want to risk it, this is your best solution.  It’s not a mil spec Otterbox case, but who among us really need that level of protection?  Go buy this today for your Droid.

Available from Amazon.com.

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