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Kensington Mini Car Charger for Mobile Devices w/USB Port

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4 Stars- techdad

Kensington Mini Car Charger
I have a Motorola Droid smartphone that eats battery power for lunch, especially when using the GPS feature, so I needed a car charger for longer car trips. Instead of buying an OEM charger that is only designed to work with my phone, I decided getting a universal USB charging port was the way to go. After looking at a few options, I decided on the Kensington mainly because of brand recognition and low cost.

The charger itself is just a simple plug that you insert into your car’s power port. Then you plug in your USB cable to it and voila, you’ve got continuous power to your device while charging. The “mini” car charger really is small and nearly sits flush inside the power port. I barely notice it’s there.

The only thing that didn’t really work to expectation was the power LED light. It is SO dim that you can barely see it at night and can’t see it at all in daylight. I tried two of them to be sure. Also, it doesn’t look the same as in the photos. It’s slightly different. One, the piece of plastic inside the USB port is black, not white as in the picture. Additionally, the LED is not open but rather sits behind plastic, which is flush to the face. Maybe that’s why it is so dim since it is trying to glow through black plastic. The Kensington Mini Charger is really pretty cool given what it is. I like the size, price, and utility. I know that you can get 2-port USB chargers for just a few dollars more, but I didn’t need multiple ports and preferred the “mini” size. I recommend it.

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