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Motorola Droid Multimedia Docking Station

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4 Stars- techdad

I ordered the Motorola Droid Multimedia Station on the Droid’s release day because I thought it was a cool idea. I didn’t see it in person until it was delivered to my door and the geek in me loves it!


  • Nice build quality
  • Non-skid base
  • Turns your Droid into an alarm clock and weather station
  • Sync your data via USB cable
  • Just plain cool looking


  • Will not work with cases
  • Somewhat expensive

The box includes four items– the actual dock, a micro USB cable, an AC adapter, and a user guide. The dock itself is very well made and is quite hefty in weight. You won’t accidentally knock this dock around from your desk especially since it also has a non-skid base. The dock has a micro USB port that you plug the cable into and then you plug the other end into the AC adapter. This of course, powers and charges your Droid, which is perfect for your nightstand. If you want to sync your Droid, just plug the micro USB cable into your PC. This will charge your Droid too, but at a much slower rate and only when your PC is powered on.

When you dock the Droid in, the orientation changes automatically to landscape. You select what city you want your weather widget to display and boing, you have your multimedia station. The dock has magnets located in specific areas to activate this mode, which can also be activated by using an app called “Dockrunner.”

The price has dropped a lot since it first came out and makes a great accessory for those still using the original Droid. An audio out or built-in stereo speakers would’ve been cool but no biggie!

Available from Amazon.com.

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