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Grado Mini Headphone Adapter Cable

December 4th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

5 Stars- techdad

What I didn’t realize when I initially bought my Sennheiser HD 555s was that they terminate to a large 1/4 inch plug.  It came with the standard straight adapter to a 1/8 inch plug, but I was concerned about putting stress on the headphone connectors on my devices.  The Grado Prestige Mini Adapter Cable alleviated my concerns wholeheartedly.

The Grado adapter cable is surprisingly long and built like a tank. I measured it at 10 inches long!  It’s nearly an extension cable!  But seriously, both ends are sufficiently strengthened and the cable is high quality.  They even include a fairly large vinyl pouch to store the adapter.

Why do you need the Grado vs. el cheapo from say, Radio Shack?  You probably don’t.  I’m of the mindset that nearly all cables perform about the same and that most people cannot tell the difference.  But if you own good quality headphones, do you really want to chance the adapter degrading the sonic quality?  Grado guarantees no degradation while using their adapter.

If you own nice headphones and need an adapter, consider the Grado’s.  If you are using a straight adapter, you may be adding stress to your audio source board, which may damage it over time. You can get less expensive adapters (Hosa) or more expensive ones (Cardas), but I think the Grado’s are just right.  Also, this baby is Made in The USA.

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